Under $20 Valentines Day Gift Guide

February 7, 2017


Hey guys! To be 100% honest, I’m not a huge Valentines day person. Judging by the above photo you would think I was though right?  I just thought the balloons would make a really cute creative pic and well… this giveaway post gave me an excuse to throw on my red slip dress from Urban Outfitters. I do think it is a cute holiday (as long as people don’t get too carried away)! There is a lot of unnecessary spending that goes on and stressing out over if you have a Valentine or not. I think you should shower the people you care about with love all year round and not just on Valentines day but, a little gift here and there can’t hurt right? In the spirit of not getting carried away, I wanted to share a little under $20 Valentines day gift guide. Tiny gifts for your bestie, significant other or yourself :) I chose a bunch of cute little things from Urban Outfitters . They have a great selection of things for under $20. 

Scroll through the pics below to see my Valentines Day gift Guide all under $20.

Photos by Brogen Jessup

18 thoughts on “Under $20 Valentines Day Gift Guide

  1. Stephanie

    Well that photo is just the cutest of all time, that’s for sure! I love the red slip dress, girly! I also love that you focused on affordable gifting. I 100% agree that people get way too spendy during this time. My BF and I even made an agreement to not do any gifts – which eased up a lot of stress on both of us! However, if we were to do gifts, I would definitely be looking to one of these cute ideas!

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

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