….and it’s all vanity

March 8, 2011

American Apparel dress / Chanel purse / Ferrara Jacket
I have been wanting to post some pictures of this jacket for a while. Why this hasn’t happened until now I do not know… but here it is!! In all its beauty. The body of it is made up of tiny pieces of metal , so you can imagine … it is cold and heavy, but worth it. The cold metal against your skin feels slinky and glamorous. Normally I hate jackets that make my shoulders look huge but the detail on this one is pretty hard to resist. I want to take this one to New York with me when I go in two weeks… it won’t keep me very warm at night though… hmmm. I suppose I will just stick to fur? I can’t wait to be back in the city. The weather here is freezing and gloomy so I believe I am “kinda” ready for the cold NY breeze. Guess this jacket will have to wait till the warmer weather in Cali decides to grace us with its presence.

21 thoughts on “….and it’s all vanity

  1. Fashion Cappuccino

    Wow, such an amazing jacket! I love the color and the details are fantastic! It’s a great statement piece to own! xooxxoo

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