Hair Makeover in Beverly Hills with Fernando Romero

April 27, 2014

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Hey Guys! Last month I spent a day in Beverly Hills running to meetings and enjoying the city but first stopped by for a visit with hair guru Fernando Romero, owner of Agave Oil and Bioionic. I was   excited to get my hair cut and styled by the same stylist who has worked with beauties like JLo and Jennifer Aniston! I got to test out some of the new products,  like his vaporizing straightening iron (wtf.. this is awesome?) and cool curling iron. I really love how he layered and styled my hair! I don’t think I’ve ever had such perfectly loose curls either! Seriously. I wish I could do this myself. I think my best bet is going super messy and making it look like its on purpose. Anyway, I went in with makeup non existent and ratty hair in desperate need of some lovin.  I left feeling nice and fresh, makeup done and hair looking brand new Thank you Fernando and the Agave Oil Team! Check out the short video I made of my makeover below! Have a great Sunday everyone! xo Francesca


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