Misty day at Big Beach, Maui

September 24, 2015


Have you ever been to Maui before? My favorite thing of all about traveling is stumbling upon beautiful hidden gems. Granted, this gem isn’t really “hidden” given that this beach is known in Maui, but we happened to stumble upon it without meaning to. John and I love to drive around the island in search of hidden driveways or walkways that lead to beautiful spots. It’s the funnest way to really explore and sometimes we find beautiful hidden coves and secret spots (Of course, I say “Secret” because it only feels this way to us… )

It was here that John and I sat and just watched the beautiful ocean. Minutes before the sun set the wind started picking up along with cool misty showers. It felt amazing. Sitting in such a beautiful place (even when it rains it’s breathtaking) we talked about what it would be like to live in this place. Kind of a favorite pastime of ours, planning our escape to this paradise. Pretty much a perfect day at Big beach, Maui wearing this adorable white striped maxi skirt and crop top set.

Shop Tobi maxi skirt and crop top | Photos by John Smith

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