November Diary

December 3, 2013

 photo diary10_zpsdcef4b3c.jpg photo diary19_zps0946b19d.jpg photo diary35_zpsb8159c2c.jpg  photo diary20_zps11c37f7a.jpg  photo diary1_zps2ab85e3c.jpg photo diary3_zps45d02a23.jpg photo diary25_zps3ebeacdb.jpg photo diary18_zps391cb3a5.jpg photo diary15_zpsf3e2bf45.jpg photo diary31_zps66f1ecbc.jpg photo diary_zps833dd117.jpg photo michaelkors_frankvinyl19_zpsbe233dc4.jpg photo diary6_zpsb6618cba.jpg photo colorelixir13_zpsd69e83f2.jpg photo diary32_zps13f6a1e7.jpg photo diary9_zps54cd8edb.jpg photo diary34_zpse24a1783.jpg photo diary8_zpsa0b8de41.jpg photo diary29_zps47d48d10.jpg photo colorelixir28_zpsf003c891.jpg photo diary5_zps3620a082.jpg
Photos by John Smith

Some outtakes, me freezing my ass off in between shoots, quick mandatory coffee breaks to keep me going, bayside strolls during sunset and baby Jaya pretending to be innocent. Really though, where does the time go? I feel sometimes that if I blink 30 days will fast forward past me. It’s moments like these snapshots that help everything slow down a bit. Just enough. On another unrelated note, Congrats to Sahra from Que Sera, Sahra.! You are the winner of my Natalie B giveaway! As always,  Thank you to those of you who participated! 

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