NYC’s hidden gems

May 7, 2013

 photo Frankvinyl_ny_35_zps287389cc.jpg photo Frankvinyl_ny_33_zpsbaa2e25b.jpg photo Frankvinyl_ny_2_zps4b5cac6c.jpg photo Frankvinyl_ny_36_zps6f9830c4.jpg photo Frankvinyl_ny_5_zps803101fc.jpg photo Frankvinyl_ny_3_zps6814bd3b.jpg photo Frankvinyl_ny_39_zps4cb2f88a.jpgSteve MaddenTopador boots, Boulmiche tunic and belt, vintage hat

photos by Melissa Montoya and Francesca Felix
New York might be a bit of a crazy experience but if you look close enough you find beautiful peaceful places in the midst of all that choas. Locations filled with flowers, people enjoying a bit of silence while reading books, and even secret treehouses open to the public (like in this garden). I really wanted to take some photos in the treehouse but a more experienced non rookie knew better and closed off his spot on the porch of the treehouse way before I even got there. Non the less, got to enjoy the beautiful peace the locals maintain within the garden and spend some time with my friend. Loved knowing there is a green friendly part to NY.
Nueva York, para mi gusto, es un poco Caótico… Pero, dentro de una ciudad con tanto caos puedes encontrar lugares de paz y tranquilidad espectaculares. Lugares donde puedes encontrar calma, estar con la naturaleza y tal vez sentarte y gozar de un buen libro. Mi amiga encontro este jardin con una casa de arbol divino. Mi intencion era subir y tomar unas fotos dentro de la casita pero alguien me gano la idea. De todos modos pude disfrutar de un poco de tranquilidad antes de regresar al ruido de la ciudad y pase tiempo ahi con mi amiga. 

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35 thoughts on “NYC’s hidden gems

  1. Kirby

    Um ok those boots are so rad, I’m a little in love!

    Great shots by the way, nice to see a side of NYC that’s not skyscrapers and concrete.

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