Sporty Chic

December 2, 2012

Chanel shoes, Zara pants,Target mens beanie, personal necklace, Pink tee
Photos by me and John Smith

I think this is my new obsession. Slouchy pants and heels. I found these at Zara in Mexico and thought of a thousand ways I could wear them. I swore my boyfriend would make fun of me and say they were incredibly unflattering but somehow he said the exact oppossite… which might inevitably become something he’ll want to take back. Made of warm comfy fabric ( perfect for this colder weather) with a nice touch of front panel faux leather making it just stylish enough to make slouchy (ehem) crotch long pants acceptable.. Anyway, I wore this today to the Farmers Market to pick up some locally grown berries and eggs for the rest of the week. Oh and Pookie came too. P.S. apparently “sporty chic” is a real term. Yes. I think I will try to add “chic” to as many words as I can when referring to my outfits. Maybe tomorrow I will be “hungover – chic” because tonight I will be celebrating the fact that I just graduated college!! 🙂 
Hola Chicas! Creo que encontre mi nueva obsession. Estos pantalones son lo mejor para el invierno. Estan comodisimos pero elegantes al mismo tiempo. Las use este fin de semana para ir al mercado local y compre algunas cosas ahi para tener durante la semana. 

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31 thoughts on “Sporty Chic

  1. Well...

    Omgsh, you rocked the sporty chic look like no other! I absolutely love this entire look – the cool pants, beanie, sunnies, and heels – everything <3

    Trendy Teal

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