My go-to styling tips / roundup

June 4, 2016

MG_1242-2Hola Muchachas! I somewhat recently started doing a series called “Styling Tip” where I talk about one little tip that can really make a huge difference when styling your outfit. I have always found these tiny tips really help even if they are just reminders or tiny details. Heres a roundup of those posts in case you haven’t had a chance to check them out! Click on the link below the photos to read more on that post.

U6A3867Styling Tip: Wear Monochromatic Outfits

flared-jeans6Styling Tip: Work with Proportions

MG_1242-2Styling Tip: Juxtapose

all-black-outfit_4Styling Tip: Get Creative!

Do you guys like this ‘Styling Tip’ series? Let me know what you guys think of them and if I should keep em coming! Whats your favorite styling trick you use when planning your outfit?

xx F

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