Waikiki Travel Diary

December 15, 2014


So I got back from Waikiki a week ago and I already miss this place! We took so many photos I thought I would put together a few Waikiki travel diary posts to share with you guys.

John and I decided to rent a car and head to the North Shore for the day. Of course, we barely made it moments before sunset because I wanted to stop at every single abandoned beach every 10 minutes. This one with the turquoise water and white soft sand was my favorite. It was so hot we couldn’t resist taking a quick swim in the perfect clear water and John snapped some photos with his new Leica. He’s so damn good at film photography! I have a lot of photos from this trip to share with you so stick around!

Are any of you from this island? I would love to know the secret good spots to swim or eat! We have gotten to know it pretty well over the years but I know there is so much more to see.

Xo Francesca

wearing: Billabong womens bikini top, Roxy bottoms, Zero UV sunglasses

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