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Trendy Accessories I’m currently into

I’ve been seeing so many great accessories lately that I thought it was time I put together a little roundup of the trends I’m seeing and loving. If you’ve been a Frank Vinyl reader for any amount of time though, you know sustainability and shopping mindfully is important to me. I love a good thrift…

How to Style Baggy jeans

It’s no secret I love me some oversized clothes! John (my husband)  doesn’t love it as much but it’s one of my favorite things to style.  Right now all my jeans are either high waisted flares or high waisted baggy fit (both straight and wide legged). Both these style always look so effortlessly cool and…

Shop my Outfit

  Don’t forget, you can always shop my looks here on the blog under “shop my outfits” or by following me on the app. If you don’t know how to use it there is a whole blog post on how to use it and why its so great!  

Tips for taking the best selfies with your iPhone

Most of the photography tips I share with you guys are for DSLR cameras, but today I thought it might be helpful to talk about good old fashioned iPhone photos! Specifically, the selfie! If you’re like, nah, I don’t take a ton of selfies, the reality is, being able to quickly and confidently take this…

Edit on the go with my first FV Metallic iPhone Preset pack