Tulum: What I did, What I wore + VIDEO

Tulum: What I did, What I wore + VIDEO

Let me start by saying… this place is just absolute heaven!! I had been wanting to travel more in Mexico lately because 1) It’s where my family is from and I really want to show off how beautiful this country is! 2) I do not know enough of it! Of course, I know the typical Mexico City, Cabo, Cancun, even Guadalajara and Monterrey (where I went to College for a few years), but I still have so much to explore. Tulum was at the top of my list and in December I was finally able to make it happen!

It was exactly what I thought it would be, but even better. The hotels and restaurants had the most beautiful interior, best service (as Mexico normally does) and above all good healthy food. I really had a hard time leaving. The whole place smelled of incense (literally incense everywhere), and there was always some sort of rhythmic drumming music happening in the background.

If you are thinking of heading to Tulum or just want to live vicariously through me, this post is for you. I want to share where we stayed, what we did and what I wore while wandering around Tulum.

Nomade Tulum

This is the first hotel we stayed at. A bohemian dream really. We stayed here for three nights and had a beautiful safari tent suite. Every day we would have breakfast in this beautiful breakfast area and spent the days exploring the town. LOVE this place so much but if you can’t stay here just going to have a meal in this cute dining space is enough. Oh also, the food is legit.

What I wore: XIX Palms two piece + Raye Sandals from Revolve

Above in Suburban Riot Tee + Celine Sunglasses + San Diego Hat company bag

Matcha mama

We headed out on our bikes in search of some healthy lunch. Stumbled upon this cute little spot which had the yummiest bowls, smoothies and snacks. We spent more time than we needed there because the girls working there were the sweetest! I’m sure you have seen this little spot somewhere on your instagram feeds. It’s pretty insta worthy, but the food is also delish. I will say, the thing I really appreciated the most about Tulum was how healthy the food was. YUM!

Wearing : Resurrection 2 piece + San Diego Hat Company hat + She the Seeker bag


This little glamping spot is just opening up. Its super tiny and intimate. We decided to spend one night here just to check it out and get an even more legit glamping experience. I really wish we could have spent more time here because they had a beautiful cenote in the back of the property which was very different from the other hotels we stayed at. The day we got there it was a bit too cold to jump in, but it’s definitely on my check list for next trip!

above in: Faithfull the Brand dress + San Diego Hat Company hat + Tularosa x Revolve bathingsuit

Nest Tulum

This boho boutique hotel was my absolute favorite. I think I loved the simplicity of it and how small and private it felt. Right on the beach and the perfect relaxing little place to end out trip in. We loved it so much we even extended our trip by one day just to really soak it all in.

This beach was straight out of a movie!


About an hour and a half away is a beautiful colonial town called Valladolid. We wanted to get a bit of the historic side of Mexico and took a day trip there. We stopped along the way to stop by a restaurant (which had an underground cave/pool.. yes it was one of my fave parts of the trip) and we also did a bit of shopping!

rug shopping for my new home:) I found the perfect rug for my bathroom!

Around Tulum town:

There is so much to see and do in this little town. We stopped by BeTulum for lunch (absolutely beautiful for lunch right on the beach, had a few cocktails at Casa Malca (this is where Pablo Escobars old house was… cray!) and rode our bikes from place to place just taking it all in.

What to wear:

The weather in Tulum at the time I went was beautiful, but got a bit chilly at times. It was beginning of December and there were a few tropical storms rolling in and out. I packed a few light dresses, linen, airy materials and then a few light sweaters for those colder days. You will need pants or shorts f you plan on bike riding through town (You have to! It’s part of the experience and so much easier). Everything is super casual and beachy. No heels required but a cute beachy dress for the night time would be ideal 😉 Definitely lots of swimsuits! If you are going in the summer it will be extremely hot so keep that in mind. I mean HOT. I was told by locals a great time to go is October and Spring 😉

Hope you guys likes this post! I can not WAIT to go back.

****** All photos by Brogen Jessup and some by me 😉 ******

If you want to experience my ‘Week in my Life : TULUM ‘ Video Check it out below