How to Build a More Sustainable Closet

How to Build a More Sustainable Closet

This month is Earth Month and I’ve been taking a hard look at my fashion footprint and what I can do to live a more sustainable fashion life. As a fashion blogger, there’s a huge pressure to keep up with the latest trends.  The trends change so quickly and it can be hard not to buy into the culture of fast fashion. Which in turn means, we end up buying cheap clothing only to keep them for shorter amounts of time. With every documentary I watch, news article I read or shocking statistic I hear, I know there’s more I can be doing to feel better about my role in the fashion world. Shopping sustainably is just a small part of the picture, but every step helps! I put together a more comprehensive (and completely doable) list of things we can ALL do to have a more sustainable closet.


First things first. It’s time to say goodbye to all the stuff you don’t wear anymore. The key to creating a more sustainable closet is to have fewer items that mean more to you (thank you Marie Kondo!). Once you get rid of the things that don’t fit you or that you simply don’t love anymore, you will see more clearly what’s missing so you can make smarter shopping choices. Not to mention you will feel way less overwhelmed without so many options! I cleaned out my closet last month and getting dressed in the morning is so much easier now! I actually love everything I see. Now that there is less clutter, I can also see everything I actually own!


So what do you do with all the stuff you took out of your closet? The goal is to increase the life cycle of your clothing and keep it out of landfills! Just DON’T throw them away! There are so many options: whether that’s by repairing, upcycling, selling or donating. Even if some of your clothes seem ready to be trashed, many textiles can actually be recycled and reused (visit USAgain for more info). Clothing that is in good condition can be sold on sites like Poshmark, Tradesy or Depop ThredUp or any local consignment stores. You can also donate your clothing to secondhand stores (like Goodwill), charities, women’s shelters or disaster relief organizations.


It may sound obvious, but it’s a must. Regardless of the price of an item, caring for your clothes means you’ll have to replace them less often. Things you can do to increase the lifespan of your clothes include washing at lower temperatures to reduce fading, using a laundry bag for your delicates, hand washing your items and taking them to a sustainable dry cleaner.


This is a big one and often the hardest one to follow! But the concept is simple–if you buy a better quality item, it’ll last longer in your closet. Sure, you can buy ten t-shirts for under $10, but do you really need a bunch of tees you that you only kinda sorta like? If you buy that perfect fitting tee for $50, you know it’ll always work without having to think twice about it! If you shop smart, the item will most likely last you a lot longer!


If you’ve been a part of the Frank Vinyl fam for a while now, then you already know I’m a big fan of vintage shops and thrifting. No matter where I am in the world, I love to check out the vintage stores to find really unique and affordable pieces and see if the thrift stores have any hidden gems. The best part about shopping at these stores is that it requires no new energy or resources to create these pieces, but something new has a huge carbon footprint attached to it. If you didn’t know, the fashion industry alone uses 6-9 trillion liters of water a year to produce new goods. Shopping sites like Vestaire Collective, The Real Real and What Goes Around Comes Around are great ways to have a more sustainable, ethical wardrobe.


Sustainable, eco-friendly brands are the future of the fashion industry. More and more we are seeing brands shift towards using more recyclable materials with lower environmental impacts. Sometimes these materials mean higher costs, but in the end, you’re getting quality items that will last longer. If you want to read more about why I love shopping ethical brands and some of my favorites, check out this post!



Above wearing sustainable brand Miloh Fox ! *Not Sponsored*,  I just love this brand and what they stand for. This jumpsuit is so comfortable but also ultra stylish! Perfect to wear on a Sunday to go to brunch, run errands, hang at home and just feel comfortable all day

As always, thanks for reading!

xx Francesca