6 tips for a Pinterest-Worthy home

6 tips for a Pinterest-Worthy home

I have some exciting news! John and I started our own Home Goods Business!!!! We launched only a few weeks ago and are so excited with the response so far. We did everything from the logo to the website to the photos and branding ourselves. I’ve been taking all the photos of our rugs for our website CasaBrixe.com in our home and spending a lot of time organizing and styling my space because of it.  It made me realize I’ve shared a few home tour posts, but I’ve never really shared a post on styling your space on here. Keep reading to see my 6 tips for a Pinterest-worthy home.

When my husband and I bought our home, we ended up moving about 30 minutes away from all the action in San Diego (hello suburban life). Besides the fact that I already work from home, I knew that I would be at home more than normal so I wanted to make sure that our home was arranged so that I didn’t mind being there and where I could shoot instagram-worthy content. Honestly, I LOVE my home now that I took the time to put some love and care into it. I know it can seem overwhelming and daunting to think about how to decorate or style your space, but trust me, anyone can make their home look photogenic and create their space so it can feel like a little haven. Here are a few things I’ve learned that can help make your home look and feel more Pinterest-worthy.

Create a mood board

Create a mood board on Pinterest so that you can narrow down your style. After looking through Pinterest for a while and saving a bunch of images, I started to realize that I did have a certain style I resonated with more and noticed what I definitely did not like as well. I saved corners that looked like corners in my home so I could use them as inspiration. Once I narrowed my style down I was able to search further.  I tend to be more into mid-century modern and bohemian so I knew what to search. I also LOVE house plants so any home with a “jungalow” style was great inspiration. Here’s my Pinterest if you want to check it out where I have a few different boards like Bedroom goals, office decor, dreamy bathrooms, and more.

Edit Furniture and Stick to what makes you happy

I made sure that every single thing in my house made me happy. If you walk into a room and only see things you love then you will love your space! Of course, budgets can be an issue sometimes, but there are always ways to DIY or adjust things to make them more pleasurable. If something isn’t necessary to have and also doesn’t make you happy, then it definitely needs to go! You can always donate, upcycle, or sell on offer-up.

Focus on Color, textures, and Contrasts

Nothing makes a room feel more welcoming than a room that is perfectly blended with the right colors, textures, and contrasts. It’s all about balance. It also really depends on your taste and what you resonate with. Some people like clean and minimal while others like the opposite. Some people lean towards symmetry and others like asymmetry. Keeping in mind the subtle yet necessary need for balance in textures, colors, and contrasts makes all the difference. For instance, if you have a leather couch and a concrete table (like in my living room) then maybe add a wool pillow or a shaggy throw to warm it up. How you do it is up to you and your personal style.

Layer Pillows and blankets

Speaking of textures, the right amount of layering can make all the difference. I know most men and some people think pillows and blankets are unnecessary, but those little “unnecessary” pieces will either make you want to leave or stay in the room forever. These added layers can add so much warmth to your space!

Add some greenery

I’m forever a lover of plants and so is almost everyone on Pinterest. The reason? They immediately add life to any room and help blend the organic with the synthetic for a perfectly balanced look. What plants you choose should mostly depend on how the light hits whatever spot you want your plant in, but you can have fun with the planters or hangers you choose. I love to have a mix of different types of plants for variety and play on textures. If you don’t have a green thumb there are so many good fake plants out there. I have one in this far corner that doesn’t get much light and people are always so surprised when I tell them its fake!

Pick your accessories and Create Illusions

When it comes to accessories, choose carefully and make sure they really speak to your personality but most of all make sure they are making the room better. For instance, picking the right rug can really help make a room look longer and the right mirror can make a room look way bigger.  These Anthropologie mirrors (like the one above) are expensive but oh my gosh does it really transform any space!

I hope this post was helpful! If you are looking for new rugs and love Mexican textiles, check out our new baby Casa Brixe! We would love any support!

Much love xx Francesca