Where I get My Roller Skating Clothes

Where I get My Roller Skating Clothes

If you’ve been following me on IG, you’ve definitely seen me skating around. I started rollerskating a little over a year and a half ago and it’s grown into a full on change in lifestyle and addiction (no really.. I cant stop). I skate almost every single day now and even have another IG dedicated strictly to my skating. One question I get asked often is “where do you get your skate clothes” so I wanted to put a little post together to share any details since I’m seeing so many of you take up this hobby as well.

If I’m drilling and practicing new things, I like to wear more comfortable outfits like leggings or biker shorts so  that I can sweat it out. If I’m doing a little more of a cruise without heavy crazy motions I will wear something closer to an everyday outfit like jeans or a cute romper. It really just depends on my mood and day. In the end, I wear whatever makes me feel comfortable and always keep it breathable! If you’re new to rollerskating, you will see how quickly you can work up a sweat even when just cruising casually. Comfort and something you are ok sweating in is crucial. Obviously, you don’t HAVE to get new clothes for skating, but you know I love always being more fashion forward (even while working up a sweat) and sharing any info with you on where I get my digs! Keep reading to know my favorite spots to get rollerskating clothes.



Love this sustainable brand that makes their pieces out of recycled plastic so much! Their active-wear is very comfy, soft, and super breathable. I love that some of their pants have the perfect side pocket to put my phone in so I can easily access it.  I love cruising with my phone on me so I can document something whenever I need.

Girlfriend Collective:

Another amazing sustainable brand that is ethically made. Girlfriend has some of the best biker shorts that hold everything in the right spot. They also have beautiful colors and excellent quality. I have two pairs of their black biker shorts. I use them so much and so often that I couldn’t wash them quick enough and needed two.


This brand is created by a show girl that likes to roller skate. SHE’S A PRO!  So you know her clothes will be perfect for this activity. I have two pairs of the stretch denim shorts from this brand and love how cute they look! They are stretchy, high- waisted, have a cute retro look and cover my booty just enough. I don’t like when you have your bum hanging out and I feel these wrap around just right and keep everything covered. I sized up in them because they are just more comfortable one size up. I’m typically a 26 waist and ended up with the Medium in their shorts.

Free People:

I buy so many of my comfiest flared jeans from here! Pro: they are mostly super stretchy (got that extra mobility and comfort), high- waisted and adorable prints and cuts. Cons: Some of their pants are normally SUPER long for short girls like me (I’m 5’4″) so I have to cut off a bit of the bottom to make it work. Either way, if you’re  looking for retro inspired flared pants Free People always has what you need.

Artsy Thrifter:

Speaking of cute flared jeans. Have you checked The Artsy Thrifter’s diy hand painted jeans out on IG yet?? This is where I got my custom painted butterfly bell bottoms that you see in the photo above and in this video here.  Support small and support Black-owned when you get some bells from Eryka. She has some beautiful flares with sunflowers all over them that are absolutely adorable. From what I have seen, they seem to be flattering on all body types as well! From what I’ve experienced, they are super stretchy, comfy and make my booty look fab. Whats not to love?

Skater Socks :

People often ask me where I get my classic striped skate socks and this is the spot! Love the quality, they are super comfortable and you can pick different lengths (calf, knee high or above knee) and they have plenty of colors! My feet are always cozy in my boots with these socks on.


If you want to get something pre-owned for a good price, check out Thredup ! I find it super hard to find cute dolphin shorts and I was able to find some pre-owned ones here for an affordable price. I’m talking like $6-$12 for the shorts. Make sure to browse here for something before buying brand new. You may be surprised on what you find. They also have plenty of big name brands (like Free People) so sometimes you can really luck out on killer pieces.


Hammies is classic in the rollerskating community. They have plenty of retro-style corduroy shorts that were huge in the 70’s in cute colors. They tend to sell out really fast so you have to just keep an eye on them! I have one pair and they are extremely comfortable. They are high waist, a great length that isn’t “too short” (covers you up in the back) and has an elastic waist-band in the back part for extra mobility and comfort. After buying myself a pair I understood why these are always sold out! They are the best all around.


Forever a fan of Alo. Alo always kills it with pieces that work for working out and also just looking athletically stylish. Basically it works for anyone that wants to sweat it out and then possibly go run errands or even grab a coffee with a friend. I have so many of their pieces and absolutely love to skate in them.


Happy Sunday! xx Francesca