6 instagram worthy spots in San Diego

September 23, 2016

instagram_worthy_sandiego2Happy Friday! Who’s ready for a cocktail? I know I definitely am. While I’m at it, I might as well make sure I get it somewhere with instagram worthy scenery.  If I can combine work and play I most definitely will go 20 minutes out of my way just so i can enjoy a good cocktail with equally good light and preferably some irresistable tile. Lifestyle goals AF all the way, duh.

I’ve done a couple ‘instagram tips’ posts before like my post about “How I gained 1,500 + Instagram followers in one month” or “My favorite instagram editing apps” and I think it only makes sense to show you guys where I often go not only to hang but also to get great content for my instagram feed. I’ve rounded up a list of my favorite instagram worthy spots here in San Diego which includes coffee, bars, restaurants and a great home decor shop.

1. Cafe Gratitudeinstagram_worth_sd2

I love this place because of how healthy it is!  It’s vegan and all the dishes are delish. I have the most sensitive stomach in the world and my stomach always feels great after I leave here. If you go here at the right time of day, the most beautiful natural light shines in through their large windows making it Shoefie + Coffee/Matcha O’clock. Especially if you sit on the far left side when you walk in, that area always has good light. Make sure to check out that huge macrame hanging on the wall. I wish I could steal it and take it home with me.

2. Polite Provisionsinstagram_worth_sd

This has been one of my favorite bars in San Diego for a while now. Their cocktails are strong, but go down smoothly so always  best to pace yourself! Best time to go is right after work when there is barely anyone there and the most beautiful natural light shines straight down from the see thru ceiling. Truth is though, every nook and cranny of this place is instagram worthy and it’s hard to choose where to start. The whole place is decorated with tile floor , gold details, tufted seats, and beautiful counter tops. If you really wanna have a good time (aka, call an uber afterwards) and get a good lifestyle shot, go for the punchbowl.

3. Communal Coffee instagram_worth_sd3

The cutest little coffee shop there ever was! This place has great coffee and healthy bites like toast with avocado (sounds pretty standard but this one is bomb.com) or a chia pudding with berries . There is  a flower shop inside that shares the same space with the prettiest unique flowers. I go here almost daily for coffee and pick up fresh flowers once a week. This place will be the end of me! I’m already so broke from always buying that damn toast! Interior goals here though. If my house could have concrete floors (I think thats what it is…) and white walls with hanging green terarriums here and there it would.

4. Ironsideinstagram_worth_sd5

MMMmmMmmMmm  just thinking of Ironside makes my mouth water! This place has the freshest seafood in SD along with some of the best craft cocktails (same owners as Polite Provisions). Those oysters rockefeller and lobster are just insanely good.  The interior is (of course) beautiful and the best light is always right by their floor to ceiling doors near the entrance. There is also a full length wall of tiny gold painted piranha heads which sounds way grosser than it is really really cool. Right outside (next door) is a wooden wall with a hanging wall plants. Don’t forget to a good #ootd before heading home after.

5. Fairweatherinstagram_worth_sd6

This place is perfect in the summer. It is a rooftop open tiki bar which overlooks the stadium Petco Park and is directly above Rare Form. You immediately feel like you have been transported to some oasis when you go here. Not many people are familiar with this bar since it is located all the way in the back and up a floor from another restaurant. I think it’s great because it feels like you are a part of some secret club haha. Or is that just me? The bright blue tiles that line the bar wont let you get away with not snapping a photo of your perfectly crafted cocktail. Also a fan of their adorable little tufted booths that overlook the park right in front of the stadium.

6. Pigment instagram_worth_sd7

If you like that boho mid century, cactus everywhere, floating terrariums, dainty jewelry and boho thing-a-mabobs everywhere, then you need to stop into Pigment in North Park. I always leave with something new for my house whenever I go. If your nesting hard like I have been for the past 6 months this is your place to go. Or even if you are just a decorating junkie. You can make your own terrariums here, find coffee table books for almost every person (great gift store) or take your pic if you want a photo infront of their “3 shades of pink” wall or the white succulent hanging wall. Oh yeah, they also have a photo booth in front of their insanely cool flower mandala. Pretty much feels like you’ve walked into a Pinterest page and you want to re-pin erythang. While you are at it, make sure to stop by Dark Horse across the street for some bomb coffee (I always get the Champ with soy milk mmmm).

Hope you guys liked this post. Where else you would nominate in SD?

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