A Day in the Life of a Fashion Blogger

September 29, 2015

fashion_blogger I love days like this where I can actually take my time doing the things I love like get coffee , pick up some flowers and just hang out at my fave coffee shop. I wanted to make a video that shared a slice of my life with you. A day in the life of a fashion blogger.

Of course, my days are not always this easy and nonchalant. The getting out of bed and just sliding into whatever I find near my bed part is pretty accurate though. As a matter of fact, we shot this on a day that was way too hot for the obnoxious (yet oh so necessary, duh) hat and long jeans (ie… I was melting!!). I happened to have a really crazy work week that week and then continued on by making this video on a Sunday. Im such a nerd. I just love blogging and creating things like this video.

So, guys… I finally got the hang of Youtube (took me long enough!) and I’ve decided to post a new video every week. Videos about everything and anything from styling, to makeup to short clips like this one.  P.S. I’m heading to Yosemite this weekend so I might even do a cool video diary! wooohooo. My fave!

Also, don’t forget to check out my YouTube Channel here! – xx Francesca

Wearing: Pylo jeans, Urban Outfitters dress (worn as a top and tied), Luv Aj necklace and bracelet, Forever21 Hat, Rebecca Minkoff bag


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