Hola Muchachas! I somewhat recently started doing a series called "Styling Tip" where I talk about
Just incase you missed it, make sure to check out my first Wedding Planning on finding the
Typing as I sit in my light pink fuzzy grandma robe drinking coffee. Thought I should
I can't believe it's taken me this long to talk about the wedding, which was now
John and I had an epic time on our roadtrip to Big Sur. We stopped several
On any given day a striped white blouse can be styled easily. I'm keen on blouses
Nothing I am wearing in this outfit is brand new. I'm pretty sure you have seen
Ive been looking through my instagram feed (@frankvinyl) and realized that I have been wearing a
I recently found the most amazing brand. It's a little expensive.. go figure. I always love
It's cold AF outside and although I really want to be productive, my body wont let
As the days get closer to summer, the sun is setting later, the water is already
If you follow me along on Instagram you already know I spent my weekend frolicking around
Happy Humpday my ittle Frankophiles! I just love saying that no matter how cheesy it sounds.
Squeezed in a quick documentation of my outfit sesh before heading to the casa to pack.
I've been infatuated with the french style military band jacket for years now. I remember last
When nothing else seems to be working out in your closet, always look for that white
I remember being younger and thinking mom jeans were disgusting. But have you noticed how dope
Wearing a different color palette here than I am used to but love how sharp it
I was never the type of girl who sat and thought about of her dream wedding. To
Sometimes a girl just needs some good statement pumps to make any outfit look good. I've
Took a little weekend road trip down to Palm Springs. I packed up all the film
Staying casual in an oversized bag, hat and shoes because sometimes life is just so much
A classic Chanel jacket is something I always wanted. I just never found that perfect one. This
Happy Valentines day! John and I snuck up to a rooftop and caught sunset behind the san