Don’t forget, you can always shop my looks here on the blog under “shop my outfits” or
You guys know that even while being an “influencer”, one of my biggest priorities with my
I'm  so thrilled by the number of people that write me daily asking about rollerskating! I
Just in case you need a few ideas of what to do for this valentines day,
Don't forget, you can always shop my looks here on the blog under "shop my outfits" or
Happy 2021 Fv Fam! We made it to another year. *smiley face*. Let's kick off 2021
I don't know about you, but I am SO ready to celebrate the fact that we
Photography isn't something that I just picked up easily. It's been something I've learned over time
Something I try to put a lot of focus on when it comes to shopping and
Tis' the season for all the cute, festive holiday content right?! Some of the typical Instagram-worthy
I try to put a focus on keeping my wardrobe classic and filled with pieces that
   It's been such a crazy year for everyone I wouldn't expect crazy expensive gifts at
When I was planning out what gift guides I wanted to put together, I was trying
It's always great to shop small, but now more than ever small businesses need our full
  Happy gift guide season, am I right? You’ve probably seen lots of bloggers / influencers
   A topic I get asked about constantly, and I totally get it. Even the biggest
 There's nothing more exciting than fall and winter fashion. I love summer fashion too, but every
I can't believe it's almost Halloween already, but there is still time for some fun October
If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last few months about this wild world of
  Normally (here in San Diego) it doesn't get super cold until about December (and even
The chunky boot is trending hard, so I wanted to share a few links to my
If you've been following me on IG, you've definitely seen me skating around. I started rollerskating
  If you're gearing up with new fall and winter wardrobe additions, now is the time
Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday! I love getting scared, I love scaring people and I