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California Roadtrip Part 2: Winding up in San Francisco

It was going to rain only after a few days after being in Yosemite. John and I were devastated be ...

MBFWMX 2015 – Mexico City

I got invited to MBFW in Mexico this month and was pretty excited to see what the scene would be li ...

California Roadtrip Part 1 : Yosemite Real Quick

John and I were stuck without service for two days in Yosemite and it was amazing.  There are ...

Maui, Hawaii Photo Diary 9’15

It took me a bit to finally post this photo diary from my last trip to Maui! I've had such a cra ...

Misty day at Big Beach, Maui

Have you ever been to Maui before? My favorite thing of all about traveling is stumbling upon b ...

High Waist bikini bottom

For those days where you just don't feel like baring it all, the high waist bikini bottom is my savi ...

Sight Seeing in Barcelona

John and I made the horrible mistake of heading to Barcelona during one of their Holidays that t ...

My Paris Guide / Travel

Woah, Ok, so I know I haven't been posting as often, but it's because I had a whole lot of photos to ...


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