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Hair Makeover in Beverly Hills with Fernando Romero

Hey Guys! Last month I spent a day in Beverly Hills running to meetings and enjoying the city but ...

Coachella 2014 Behind the Scenes Video

Hope you like the quick video I made below! I had fun putting it together!  I used one of the best ...

Behind the Scenes Video

I'm definitely no video editor haha but I put together this behind the scenes video of me running ...

Shopping in San Diego: Van De Vort

Happy Sunday everyone! Last weekend I went shopping at Van De Vort, a favorite local boutique of min ...

How to: make a photo collage

One question I get often is "How do you make those photo collages?" You can easily make photo collag ...

How To: Wear a Bralette 6 Different Ways

  Happy Monday Frankophiles! I finally decided it was time to make a video for the blog! I get n ...

Early Morning

Early Morning from Francesca Felix on Vimeo.Hey guys! Heres a short video I made yesterday. My firs ...

White Hinterland

Its been a while since I have put up music and this song is beautiful.. It makes me want to do some ...


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  • Shooting with John is always my favorite! I get asked
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