Cozy Sweaters you need this Fall (all under $100!)

November 7, 2017

I’m such a sweater hoarder it’s border-line embarrassing. I feel like I say that too often haha. It’s true though. There’s something about cozy sweaters that just makes you need them. Especially if it is also unique enough to make strangers ask you where you got it. Cute back cutout detail, amazing texture, pretty and vibrant color, whatever it might be, I want them all. I’ve been scouring the inter-webs looking for the perfect sweater to purchase and I haven’t found IT because I found TOO DAMN MANY. I found a good amount of cozy sweaters under $100 that are so worth it.

One of the sweaters I had to buy was this cute red cozy sweater that I found at Zara. I paired it with some cute, high-waisted trousers to give myself a break from all the denim I’ve been wearing lately. Love how fresh trousers look when paired with the right sweater.

***Sweater, pants and boots from Zara,  Brixton Hat, Vintage Chanel  bag worn as a clutch, Charged Jewelry earrings. | Photos by Brogen Jessup

Shop my list of cozy sweaters you need for Fall under $100 below!


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