Exploring UTAH (St. George, Zion, Bryce Canyon) + VIDEO

October 10, 2017

I can’t believe how amazing our stay in UTAH was!  I’m still so excited by the fact that I finally got to see this place. One of my goals is to explore the US more and all it has to offer. There is so much out there and so close to home. Utah has always been on the top of my list because of the amazing sights to see. While I feel satisfied with all I got to explore I am positive I will be back as there is still so much beauty to this place I did not get to see. I think I only got a tiny taste. We got to see St. George, Zion National park and Bryce Canyon while on our road trip and the three were perfect!

We decided to stay at Red Mountain Resort in St. George as our base because it was located relatively close to Zion and was just a beautiful, relaxing spot. It was truly a dream. The resort itself was tucked away amongst the beautiful back drop of the red mountains. So excited that they hooked us up with an incredible suite. Two bedrooms with a living room in between which was perfect for our little pow wows between shoots and driving to new locations. Right next to Snow Canyon (if you ask me, Snow Canyon is MAJORLY underrated). We woke up early to catch the sunrise there and only had to drive about 5 minutes to be in the middle of the beautiful surrounding mountains and terrain. 

Here is a video showing you the whole road trip in under 1 minute!  I am currently editing the in depth version for Utah and will post soon! In the mean time, you can check it out my recap video  below:

Photos above by Dillon Ivory and Francesca Felix-Smith

Wearing She The Seeker in above photos. 

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