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February 26, 2015

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I get a lot of emails with people asking what is needed to start a blog. I thought it would be a good idea to do a quick blogging starter kit. I mean, if we’re being completely honest all you need is a blogging platform (ie. wordpress or blogger) and the ability to put your thoughts into words. But if you are looking to reach out to people, get creative and serious about blogging  you might need a little more than just that. This is a blogging starter kit for anyone who wants to start their own blog (not just for fashion bloggers). Lifestyle, food, health…whatever. This is what you need to get going (and trust me.. you really don’t “need” anything else unless you are looking to take the next step creatively speaking.


Here’s what you need to start your blog:

  •  DSLR CAMERA : this camera has been my baby through thick and thin. I carry it everywhere with me. Realistically,  you could just get a good mirrorless point and shoot (I love the Sony Nex 5 and John is really good with a Fuji X-E1) but in my mind, nothing compares to how amazing the photos look when you are using a DSLR. I use the Canon Rebel. This is a great DSLR to start with. I have used this one for about five years and it isn’t until now that I am ready to upgrade. (the lens you see atached is a specialty lens called the Petzval. This is my “Artsy” lens that I bought separate from my DSLR).
  •  50 MM LENS. Speaking of your DSLR. If you do decide to get one, you most likely will get it with the kit lens. This lens is great for getting to know your camera but I would highly recommend putting it aside after you learn the basics and buy yourself a 50 mm lens. My 50mm has been my go to. This is one lens that gives that awesome bokeh (blurry) effect in the background. It’s great for portraits and also for full body outfit shots. I especially love my 50 when I am trying to get sharp detail shots of something while having everything else blur and blend into the background. You could go for an 85 (slightly closer and sharper detail with even crazier bokeh) or even a 35 (more of a wide angle lens) as well. I just find the 50 is a great lens that can be used for a variety of types of shots (a great all around lens).  Just think the higher the number (focal length) the farther away you have to be, but the more bokeh you get.
  • SELFIE STICK: Yes, I know…I didn’t buy my own selfie stick because I would have felt lame buying it haha (not gonna lie). I got it as a Christmas present this year from John’s mom, but let me tell you it was one of my favorite gifts! You know all those cool shots people take on instagram taken from above over a full outfit including magazines spread around them as they sip coffee on their beds? Yea.. Selfie Stick. You can get the coolest angles sometimes, get more in the frame (since the stick extends) and the best part is you don’t need anyone to take your photo. I think these are cheap too so why are you holding out? JOIN THE DARK SIDE.
  • FLASH: I prefer my photos to have as much natural light as I can but sometimes the flash is essential. It’s great to use it to fill in shadows in harsh sunlight, use it to bounce off walls and reflect some gorgeous light onto your outfit or even at night for some experimental artsy shots. You might be able to get away with not using a flash but it really makes our life all that much better some times. (PS don’t forget to buy a diffuser with it which helps make the flash less harsh and gives you a nice even glow).
  • TABLET: This is super optional but tablets are amazing! I bought mine back when I was in graphic design school and learned how to use it with Photoshop. It’s great because it feels like you are drawing instead of always having to move around the trackpad on your computer or constantly click the mouse. If you want to do writing over your photos for cute titles or arrows pointing to highlight things (like in this photo above), then a tablet is the way to go.

Anyway, I’m thinking of doing more posts like this more often for those of you who are just getting started. I know, basic stuff but sometimes it helps to have this all written out for you. Let me know if you like these posts!! I’m thinking my next one should be more lens centered. What lens works for what and why you need it.. etc. Let me know what you think!

xx Francesca

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  1. Kristina

    Thank you for your article. It’s really useful not only for blogger but also for internet shop starter. I am just starting my Dandelionshouse jewelry shop on Etsy and this information will help me in filling my instagram account 🙂 Thank you once again! Your pictures are amazing!:)

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