Fashion Blogging 101: The Art of the Revolving closet

January 27, 2015

fashion_blogging_tips12Yes, I have a slight addiction to fashion. Hence my need to document every single outfit and every slightly different combination I discover. Hey.. all is fair in love and fashion right? Ironically, I strongly believe that material objects only weigh you down. I’m a walking contradiction…  I know. I try to simplify my life as much as I can in every aspect of my life but fashion is where I struggle the most because I want it all! It’s kind of hard to not keep buying when you see that new “perfect leather skirt” you’ve been searching for to replace last months skirt that you thought was “the one”… up until now. I have to remind myself, a simple life is a happy life. As a fashion blogger, not only do I shop and buy myself clothes, but I also get gifted things here and there from brands to showcase on my blog (I only show stuff I love of course!). So, as you can imagine, the closet can pile up easily. If it weren’t for these habits I have learned to keep throughout the years, my closet would be a hoarding mess! Also, this helps me not go broke while buying the latest “last piece I’ll ever need” I call this “the revolving closet”:

Whenever I buy something new I always like to get rid of at least one or two things. I either donate it to those in need, take it to the buffalo exchange or some other kind of buy/sell/trade thrift shop to get a bit of money back for it, sell it on e-bay if I think it’s worth way  more or simply pass it on to some close friends who might give it some new life. Nothing comes into my closet without something going out.

I know sometimes it can be hard to get rid of things. I use these few rules to help me choose what needs to go: 1) does it make you happy? If so.. keep it. I really believe that if the piece makes you happy then you will feel happy and confident when you wear it, which transcends into other things in your daily life. 2) Have you used it within a year? If not.. get rid of it because most likely you wont use it ever and it’s only taking up space. Of course there are other rules I use like it being a statement piece or something extra original.. maybe something sentimental.. etc.

If I really don’t have the money to buy something at the moment then I make sure to sell something of similar value on e-bay before buying something new. Seriously guys, do not underestimate e-bay! I’ve sold some things I never thought I would sell there and sometimes you can make some pretty decent money.

Another thing I love to do is closet swap with my closest friends. Maybe I have some shoes I wont use that my friend will love and in turn she will exchange a dress that just doesn’t fit her the right way. The only way to keep my closet with new clothes constantly coming in without going broke or having a messy closet is to constantly be moving stuff around. And there you have it: the revolving closet.

I know its super simple.. but some times you just need a reminder on how to maintain things. How about you guys? How do you keep your closet clean and do you have any tips for maintaining your closet ?

6 thoughts on “Fashion Blogging 101: The Art of the Revolving closet

  1. Elizabeth Rose

    I feel like this post was written for me! I too have serious rules about what comes into my closet. My blog is not just about fashion, but I still have to do a “one in one out” thing. I don’t want my closet over powering me and causing unnecessary stress in my life. I’m really, really glad to see other fashion bloggers do this too as I have felt alone and even guilty, like I was a bad blogger for keeping such a small closet. Ha! That’s just silly. Anyway, thanks for this inspiring post!

  2. Diana

    Ebay is AMAZING!!! I love shopping there, I’ve bought almost all my contemporary band item’s there for like 50-80% off retail. I’m recently going through a similar issue of an overflowing closet. I’ve started to clean out items slowly so it will not be one big hit to fashion soul.
    ~~ Diana~~

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