Faux Shearling Jacket

December 15, 2015

shearling-jacket_4shearling-jacket_3shearling-jacket_7shearling-jacket_5shearling_jacket2shearling-jacket_6My favorite outfits are always the ones I don’t think too much about. This one looks like it was thrown together for sure, but I think that’s what makes it interesting. All instinct no analyzing… just like everything should be. Sometimes that just feels better. Also, it was cold as hell today thanks to that guy “El Niño”. I desperately wanted to wear this new Lucy Paris faux shearling jacket I got in the mail as a gift. Love how it looks with black and grey.

So, while I was gone being an aloof blogger (doing everything BUT blogging), I bought two new things to throw into the mess that I call my closet. The infamous Bri Bri belt that I scored for under $100 and these Asos boots I got for $40 (now $70). I’ve been saving my money for statement pieces I can wear over and over again and wont grow tired of. These boots have the perfect rock and roll touch and the belt just makes everything amazing.

Hopefully I can start getting back to blogging more often as I’m finally wrapping up some all the things I have been working on for months. The wedding details for one (almost done!!).  It’s going to feel good to get those projects out of the way!

Geez, it’s late! My glass of wine next to me is almost empty and I’m getting really jealous of my fat grumpy dog Jaya that has fallen asleep in front of the fire place. I think I need to join her and pass out. Hasta luego my little Frankophiles! Much love xx Francesca

Wearing: Nastygal skirt, Lucy Paris faux shearling jacket, Daftbird low neck tank, Bri Bri belt, Asos boots, Vanessa Mooney Ring

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