How I gained 1,500 + Instagram Followers in one Month

November 1, 2015

instagram_tips_frankvinylblogHey guys!! Ok, I really want to start focusing more on helping you guys with your blogs.  I’ve officially been blogging for more than 5 years now (woah.. time needs to slow down!) I have learned a lot. Of course, I am always learning, but there’s so much I have learned that I would love to share with you guys and hopefully together we can master the blog world.  Having a photography business on the side takes a lot of time away from my blog but that only makes me work more efficiently when I do have time for it. I have learned many tricks on how to grow your Instagram following quicker and waste less time doing it.

I now have over 20k followers on my Instagram. I know it’s not a lot compared to the girls that have 250K but I also know it is quite a lot for those that only have about 400 or less.  Some girls can grow quickly over night. Other are slow and steady. Im def the latter but I still am proud of all the success my blog has had. In the end I think success isn’t so much about how many followers you have. Success is relative. On that path to success though, Instagram has definitely been a big stepping stone and boost for my blog. I have met amazing bloggers and other people who share the same interests as me, collaborated with brands I never thought I would be in contact with, and have gotten awesome paid gigs from just posting photos on my feed. That being said, I would love to help you be your own success and show you how I gained 1,5000+  followers in just one month.

I. I engaged with people… a lot. I used to not really spend time talking to people on Instagram simply because I find social media (although I love love love it) to be a distraction from reality. I wouldrather spend my time hanging with my dogs after I post something or spending some time with my bf..(shit .. err, I mean Fiancé.. still not used to that one!).

One day, I decided to check out who the people commenting on my blog were and then slowly started to go down the rabbit hole and found some awesome like-minded Instagrammers out there. I made conversation with them, followed them, liked their images and a lot of them checked me out as well. If they liked what they saw, they followed. If you have good content… Im pretty sure you will get a lot of follows back 🙂 Anywho, this month in particular, I spent an hour a day engaging and perusing (I did it during my blog working hours.. I mean it is work afterall.. social media networking!!) and lo and behold I even made some new friends to go on coffee dates with!

2. I stuck to my niche. This one is sooo hard for me! I have major A.D.D but I notice when I try hard to stick to my niche people really respond. When you stick to your niche people know exactly who you are when they stop by your feed and see what you are trying to put out there. This helps you target your market better. Try to do what you know, what you love and keep your eye on the prize (ie, what did you start this all for in the beginning anyway?) I stuck to a similar aesthetic, similar vibe and similar style throughout and people really responded!

3. I reached out to brands. For every photo I took this month, I made sure to send an email to the company or brand with the photos of me wearing them. Outreach and cold calling is so important!! If the brand doesn’t know you exist how the hell will they ever re-gram you? Luckily, a lot of them liked what they saw and re-grammed me, including my Instagram handle in their caption description. Two of them being huge brands with followings of about 700k – 3 mill. With one photo I had jumped 1,500 followers! Don’t be scared to email them! The worst that can happen is they say no, in which case they will probably just forget about you and move on… which isn’t all that bad. Just be persistent!

4. I Hashtagged my life away. Haha woah.. thats such a millenial thing to say. I don’t think I can top that one. I hashtagged all my photos and then some. I made sure that every little thing from my photo was hashtagged, outfit, skirt, shoe, girl, blogger, fashionblogger, ripped jeans..whatever. Make sure to put as many hashtags because that is the way people will find you when they are searching for something. Duh. 🙂

5. Iconosquare is my instagram bestie. I love  because you can see what your top posts are which can be super helpful to see what your audience is resonating with. Once you know what gets the most likes you can cater your instagram photos to that and keep your followers coming back. I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE taking photos of palm trees. It shows my home, where I am from and a snapshot of my day. Surprisingly my followers love them as well! So every now and then I post a palm tree shot and they always get so much love 🙂 Highly recommend this if you don’t already use it. You can see what time of day is best for you to post, which hashtags are best for you and where your audience is from!

I hope this helps! Is there anything you guys do to help increase your following?

XX Francesca


14 thoughts on “How I gained 1,500 + Instagram Followers in one Month

  1. Linda

    I really really appreciated and loved this post girl! I’ll definitely start implementing these tips into my Instagramming. Haha, that’s awesome how much you’ve grown! I’ve definitely had a more slow-going type of growth and haven’t been tackling it seriously. But I’d really like to change that, so this was just the post to help me kickstart it! 🙂

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    I’m on the Tube!

  2. sahra

    wow, this is really helpful! Whenever I get bored I “go down the rabbit hole” as you say and just click through so many feeds and find things I like. I think the ADD thing is what’s holding me back. I’ve talked about it a lot with my BF and we realize my outfit posts do best, next is food, and last is more personal photos. Which sucks, but a blog and it’s adjoining media is a business…

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  3. Chrystin

    Great tips! As a newbie to Instagram and smartphones in general (I just got a smartphone back in June), I’m obviously late to the game but want to be a part of it. I love looking at Instagram and hope to bring some cool inspiration to the Instagram world!
    I believe you when you say interaction is key! When I am more proactive on Instagram I notice that I’ll get a new like or a new follower or two.
    Hopefully I can report back to you in a few months with good news!
    insta: @chrystingloria

  4. Sharon Wu

    These are such useful tips for growing any social following, Francesca! Though I’m not exactly new to blogging (okay maybe I am now that I found out you’ve been doing this for 6 years lol), I am always still learning so many new things which is amazing. Thank you for sharing this! xo, sharon

  5. xserseva

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