How to instantly feel happy

September 1, 2015

View More: More: a world where there are a million distractions everywhere we look, it’s easy to forget how awesome life is. When everyones lives are carefully edited through a vsco /instagram filter, it’s hard not to compare ourselves and get carried away with things that aren’t so important.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get in a crazy depressed mood… out of nowhere too! Comparing myself to others, feeling FOMO (I hate that term.. but yea..), feeling not pretty enough, not rich enough, not clever enough… all these things are our own point of view and most likely something that looks completely different from a strangers point of view. Also, you never know what filter that bush might of used to make her life look oh so darn perfect haha.

So, turn that frown upside down! God I love rhyming. ok ok.. I know. Easier said than done right. Making yourself feel happy out of nowhere is not easy. It’s like a muscle though. If you keep working it out, eventually it gets stronger and easier to achieve. If you can make yourself feel happy for one moment, it just might turn your whole day around and every time it will be just a little easier.

I’m a strong believer of the law of attraction. I believe that we create our own worlds and attract certain energies into our universe. It’s amazing how powerful our brains can be if we just work that muscle. Here are some things I have learned to do on a daily basis to shift my day from wrong side of the bed to the best side of the bed.

  1. List the things you are grateful for.  The second you feel you are listing negative things in your head or thinking negative nancy thoughts, immediately turn it into positive. Start listing all the things that you are grateful for and you will see how quickly your view on a situation might change.
  2. Smile (like actually physically smile) even when you are upset or stressed out. I’ve found that when I smile, all the muscles in my face start to relax. From my eyebrows, to my ears down to my jawline. If I hold it for a few moments, I honestly start to feel less stressed. Sometimes the smile even sticks around for good. Forcing a tiny smile on my face always makes me feel better.
  3. Don’t let yourself complain. Even if you are having a crazy “B.F.” (a.k.a. “bitch fit”), suck it up and get through it. Not only will you be waisting your time complaining / releasing more stress chemicals into your own body (and life), but you will also alienate yourself from others. Yup, you just might end up friendless (and then your really screwed.. uhoh!)  Suck it up, smile, and don’t complain. Nobody likes a downer!
  4. Give love. Iif you are try a little extra to give and make other people happy it can actually make you feel better. Call it selfish, if you want, but I think it’s a win-win situation. Also, If you treat others nicely, chances are they will return the favor and make you feel even better altogether. Pay it forward, even when its tough to.
  5. Be mindful. Be present in every single moment. Try not to be doing 5 things at once (I am for sure guilty of this about 60% of my day) . Being on the phone, with the computer on your lap with the  television on is pretty much the worse thing you can do. How the hell are you going to notice the cute way your dog is sitting next to you or a glance the cute guy across the room is trying to give you if you are always 3 screens deep. One thing at a time. Being mindful of every moment helps you notice and appreciate the smaller beautiful things in life. Being mindful (present) will also allow you to notice if you are starting to feel a certain way. The better you get at this the easier it will be for you to realize what caused you to feel sad/depressed/angry in the first place and the quicker you can start smiling and move on.
  6. Dont criticize others. Everyone has flaws. Everyone has a story and everyone is human. You never know what caused someone to do something, be something or say something. Criticizing someone might make you have a slight ego boost for a few moments, but it’s such negative energy that you are essentially throwing it back into your own life. It’s like people say, ‘what you see in others is often a reflection of how you see yourself’ so maybe watch what you say and think positive thoughts always.
  7. Turn on some happy tunes. So I know distractions are not always good but sometimes putting on some amazing songs can really turn my whole mood around. Don’t listen to sad anxiety ridden music if you are in a sour mood. You are whatt you surround yourself with so make it happy, lighthearted and if it makes you want to get up and dance.. even better. 😉
  8. Just Breathe.  If you ever feel so upset, sad or worked up over something just stop, take a very (very) deep breathe. Hold that breathe for as long as you can, then let it all out as slow as possible. Trust me. This one always makes me feel better.

If after trying everything you still can’t cheer up.. just remember: adding negative energy to your life releases stress chemicals in your body which will only help to speed the aging process. Yup…  more wrinkles, a heavier heart and possibly less years to your life. Aint nobody got time for that! So force that smile upon your face and tell that pre-mature aging to eff the hell off!

What do you guys do to get happy when you are having a bad day? Please share! XX Francesca

photos by Brogen Jessup

6 thoughts on “How to instantly feel happy

  1. Rosanna

    Great tips, thanks for sharing! I’ve just done a similar blog post on the things which make me feel happy, will have to combine the two!
    Have a lovely day 🙂
    Rosanna xx

  2. Stephanie

    Such an inspirational post! I call the situation you talk about in the first paragraph an “Insta-Spiral” where you go spiral down a black hole of comparison, envy and depression! But it´s important to remember that people´s social media, especially Instagram, can be an inflated version of their life.


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