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December 19, 2014


TGIF! Do I have a little treat for you!!! If you follow me via instagram you’ll know I have been loving all Child of Wild jewelry lately… kind of obsessing actually. I love their whole philosophy and everything they carry is exactly something I would pick up on one of my travels (only now I don’t have to hunt around for hours in search of the perfect stand out piece or wait until my next exotic vacay).

So I took a little field trip over to the Child of Wild to share with you the awesome headquarters and catch up with the owner Eileen Lofgren. Below you can see all the dreamy pieces I saw there: metals, crosses, stones, rosaries, bling-ed out cow skulls… (theezz are a few of my faavvvorite thingzzz (sound of music voice)!! Yes, All that gewd stuff! Keep scrolling to see some photos of the beautiful Child of Wild jewelry, and interview with the creator. Plus a little Christmas Giveaway of one of my favorite pieces!


ok,  I go ga ga over this stuff!

So I had a chance to ask Eileen Lofgren (creator of Child of Wild) a few questions….  (being a badass local entrepreneur that she is… I couldn’t pass it up!).


Check out the interview >>

How did you get started with Child of Wild?

It was never my intention to jump into the fashion industry. But I LOVE jewelry and I LOVE cultures. I studied Humanities, Philosophy and Studio Art in college and really had no clear direction after graduation. I started to collect interesting jewelry and the deeper I dove the more I found a huge calling to surface this material. I was sick of seeing LA brands take these cultural pieces and play it off as their own designs. I wanted an avenue for clients to find rad jewelry with meaning and importance. You can literally feel the energy in our pieces. The cow skulls came organically when I thought the buffalo skull above my bed was the perfect blank canvas. From there I started designing bone art and never looked back.


How did you choose this name?

I wanted a name that would encompass the humbling hierarchy of where we stand in this world. There is always more to learn and the universe is always unpredictable.


What is your brand philosophy?

I often quote Hamlet “There are more things in this heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy”.  Our goal is to dig deeper and research harder. We know there is so much color in this world… we are just trying to translate that color into jewelry. We carry nothing mass-produced in China. We embrace homegrown artists doing in-house soldering and pounding metals and our tribal jewelry always has a cultural meaning behind its creation. Nothing cheap and always with a conscious purpose.


What are your current favorite pieces in your collection and how do you envision them being styled?

CHOKERS. We know we’re not reinventing the wheel here.. but we have some pretty rad chokers.

Either it be the hand hammered (in the USA) brass choker from Luiny >>>

Or our stretch velvet Ethiopian cross chokers >>

Plus we never get tired of our Flass Tattoo Collab>>

Fun to layer with jewelry or just add a little jazz to your casual Monday attire.


You are so good at marketing yourself on instagram and have grown at such a fast pace. What would you suggest for other people trying to grow their brand through instagram?

It all depends on your intention and your brand. For us… we will only instagram when we have the raddest picture we have EVER seen and we want to share it with you. Meaning: sometimes we don’t post for over 34-36 hours. We always keep it brand relevant. Not all 280k of our followers are interested (example) it’s our sisters birthday… so we keep the personal stuff out of it. We truly believe in our mission to bring light to these cultures, tribes, artists. That paired with a little eccentric taste and you got Child of Wild.


Would you ever expand your business and if so what are your plans?

YES! We have an unbelievably etherial/rad bridal line that will launch this spring. We also have a sick obsession with homewares so we would love to focus on bringing our “objects” page a little more love.


Are there any new trends you forsee for the future?

Lots. I see the heavy layering thing lasting for a good year. But then we are going to start channeling Cher in the 70’s and start to simplify our bangles and exaggerate our silhouettes. GOLD and BRASS is the future.


I heard some amazing music in your studio when I stopped by, so I have to ask… What are your current favorite tracks you are listening to?

We jam out all the time. We play all that is related to Alt-J, Jefferson Airplane, Nicholas Jarr, and duhhh FLUME!


** Thanks Eileen for the rad interview and inside peak into your world !! **

OK NOW FOR THE REEEEALLY GOOD STUFF… I have a little extra Christmas treat for you! There’s a Giveaway happening over on my Instagram account. Head over to my page @FrankVinyl and follow the steps to enter to win one of my favorite Child of Wild pieces !


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