Labor Day Weekend Roadtrip + Vlog

September 5, 2017

John got a new car (GTI Golf) which he was dying to take on a roadtrip and I had this Winc “Summer Water” rose that I wanted to drink while watching an epic sunset. So we decided to take a roadtrip to Mount Laguna (the forest near us here in San Diego). We would be able to take the new car for a spin and stop along the way to check out the views. It was perfect because it was about 90 degrees that day and heading up to the mountains let us cool off a bit in the mountain breeze which was about 15 degrees cooler. Phew!

If you are in San Diego you should def take this cute little roadtrip. The road to Mt. Laguna is fun. You can stop by Julian, drink some mead (check out Golden Coast), go wine tasting, have that famous Julian Apple Pie and check out the quirky antique stores. You can also have lunch at Lake Cuyamaca (like we did in this video), maybe go fishing on the lake then head over to Mt Laguna where you can take a small hike or just enjoy the scenery. This is where we set up our picnic while overlooking the gorgeous sunset right before we headed home for the day.

I take a lot of pics of me having picnics. Mostly because it’s one of my favorite things to do. I alway have a bag in my car with a cheese board, plastic wine cups and a blanket (just incase we want to pull over, catch the sunset over some wine and maybe even get a cute photo out of it). Little pleasures like this in life are so important to me! I feel that this is something Americans don’t indulge in as much as they should. I remember when I lived in Europe there was always time in the day to stop by somewhere, enjoy the view (even if it was just people watching) and have a glass of wine. All you have to do is swing by the store and pick up some goodies et voila you are all set!

Just in case you are more of a visual person, I put together a short Vlog on my Youtube of our day trip to Mount Laguna! Check it out here,  Let me know what you think and don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel!

Wearing: Surf Gypsy dress, Free People beret, Kendra Scott ring, Two Bandits neckace and bracelets.



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