Maui, Hawaii Photo Diary 9’15

October 7, 2015


It took me a bit to finally post this photo diary from my last trip to Maui! I’ve had such a crazy two months! John and I decided we want to tie the knot in Hawaii so we took a couple days off work to go check out wedding venues and see what it was all about.

Seeing Maui this way was way different than how we normally see it. We got to scope out and tour a bunch of fancy shhhmancy hotels and hidden estates I didn’t even know existed! So many beautiful views and places it’s hard to chose! We did find one spot that really stood out to us though. The perfect venue.  I can’t wait to share with you more details! But for now Im keeping it a little secret mmhmmmm.

John and I had planned a whole day trip Hana on our last day of the trip (after we finally finished all the wedding business). I was bummed when John came down with a cold so we didn’t make the trip.  The last day was so bitter sweet because it just rained all day and I got to walk around the hot beach cooling off to the rain all by my self. Sometimes some alone time is just what you need though. Afterall, Hawaii is beautiful even when it rains.

Things I learned this trip:

1.Don’t leave home without a go pro (or a fully charged go pro for that matter), because you never know when there might be a ginormous sea turtle swimming beside you.

2.  Merriman’s is the best romantic perfect place to get sunset cocktails (but no more than two or you’ll go broke).

3. Never say no to poke.


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