My Favorite Instagram Editing Apps

September 18, 2015

instagram_Editing_appsI’m heavily addicted to instagram. Who isn’t in the blog world though right? I love scrolling through endless inspiring photos and checking out the beautiful places I have never been to, cafes I want to go to, outfits that inspire me and most of all connecting with my followers and other like minded bloggers.

Instagram has turned out to be one of the most powerful marketing methods for bloggers. It’s and easy one stop shop place for people to know exactly what you are trying to put out there and what you are all about (ie, best place to brand yourself).

The key to instagram is making eye catching content that is also fluid throughout your feed. I always think …what will stand out if someone is scrolling through the “explore” feed. How will mine stand out from all the others?

Honestly, I use a lot of photos taken with my iphone that look like they were taken with a digital camera. If it weren’t for some of the apps I use after taking the photos, my photos might not have that extra POP that I need to catch a strangers eye and to keep my followers happy they follow me.

Anywho, enough rambling.. blah blah blah..

Here are my top 3 instagram editing apps:

Faded – (this is my fave!!!) I think this is the easiest app to use. You can easily choose one photo and just swipe to see the different filters on it. I think the filters here are beautiful also.

VSCO– This one is a classic and most likely everyone is already familiar with it. I love vsco because the filters are so well made. Plus you can buy so many more because they are always adding to their catalog. Vsco has a tile like grid just like instagram so I love to upload my photos here before I post to instagram just to see what it would look like on my feed.

FaceTune- Facetune is amazing for editing you face or outfit/product. It’s perfect for fine tuning those tiny details. You can fix blemishes, create shadows, whiten your eyes, sharpen products so they stick out more or even reshape something (I use this sometimes if an article of clothing is not falling or laying correctly). This one is so necessary! Just make sure not to over do it or it just looks super fake (I have definitely over done it in the past and it just looks lame hahah theres a find line!).

What instagram editing apps do you guys use? Love to know everyones tricks for instagram photos!

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