NYFW Photo Diary

February 24, 2015

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I think the best part about New York Fashion Week (besides the obvious– seeing the best designs all week long) is that you get to see all your friends around the world in one place. I was able to meet up with a bunch of my blog friends that I wouldn’t see anywhere else and brands that were all out there at the same time. Somehow I did manage to get photos of everything I wore even though I was there for an extra short period of time. Let me tell you, it was not easy being outside but I wanted to shoot some photos outside so you guys could see how beautiful the city looks covered in snow. My favorite show (in strong part because I had not seen in person) was Reem Acra. Her designs were so ethereal. I felt like a fairy transported back in time and then sent off into an alternate reality where everyone is in love and living a fairytale. Sounds extreme but so gorgeous!  I’m not normally into this kind of frilly girly thing but she does it just right! My favorite of all the shows was definitely Philip Lim though. I wish I could get my hands on that white silk asymmetrical  slip dress that was finished off with a white coat and black boots. Understated perfection.

New york fashion week is fun, exciting and fast paced (which I sometimes thrive on). That’s part of why I travel so often. I get bored and have to get out and explore! Even if it means I am out in the middle of nowhere (not necessarily a city), but I am out “doing”.  As much as I am really liking being a part of the whole Fashion Week scene (something I had always dreamed about going to since I was little), part of me feels like a fish out of water when I am there! I’m dying of awkwardness being around all these huge names in the fashion world!  At the same time I love love love observing, learning and taking it all in and wouldn’t dream of being anywhere else. I don’t think I would care if I was a fly on the wall as long as I got a backstage pass. I mean.. it is FASHION WEEK.

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