Ripped Jeans

February 9, 2015


I wanted a pair of black ripped jeans since last season, but I never believed in spending over $50 on something that looked used and torn up. It just doesn’t make any sense. When did people decide it was ok to spend so much on something like that? Not that I never do but I try to avoid it whenever I can unless it really is something super unique. I remembered I had some tight black denim jeans that I never wear anymore, so I took them out from the depths of my closet, sat in front of the tv to watch some friends and began to rip them up with a razor blade .

I was sloppy on the first leg but by the second leg  I was able to somewhat begin to master the technique. The crazy part is  that I get so many compliments on them every time I wear them out. People always ask what brand they are. Who would of known? I think next time I will be able to do a better job with DIY ripped jeans, but for now these are my all day every day  favorite jeans. No joke.

Anytime I can, I will cut, slice and sew my own clothes until it is exactly what I envisioned (or at least as close as I can get it with my impatient ways). Lately I have been cutting holes in all my cheap target white tees. Looks pretty cool actually haha. I think that personalizing your own clothes (even though most of the time I have no idea what I’m doing) adds more personality to an outfit than any store bought item. What do you guys think? What is your favorite DIY for personalizing your clothes?

DIY ripped denim jeans, Sam Edelman heels, Club Monaco top layered under a Zara cropped sweater, Ray Ban Sunnies and Rebecca Minkoff bag


9 thoughts on “Ripped Jeans

  1. Chrystin

    I think you did an awesome job on these jeans! I’ve been lusting over a pair of ripped jeans for a while now as well..I found some at American Eagle for pretty cheap, but I want more pairs! I might have to DIY a pair of existing jeans in my closet like you did!

    When I was in high school, I used to cut my own t-shirts. As of late, I haven’t DIY-ed too many things. Although, I have been adding some more patches to my mom’s “painting” jeans, which I had previously cut into shorts. Now I add patches to them whenever I find cool ones! xx

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