Road Trip with PacSun Denim

October 3, 2017

My search for affordable cute jeans is over!

had no idea until now (well.. technically about a month ago) that PacSun has the cutest jeans! The style is right on point without sacrificing any comfort. I was so excited with my recent discovery that I teamed up with them to share with you some of my favorite current styles. I picked all high- waisted of course. One vintage mom jean style (these are so comfy I can actually sit in them! Trust me, thats a big deal). Two other pairs were skinny jeans with just the right amount of detail to make them unique. I have a feeling I will be wearing these all Fall long. 

I took my PacSun with me on my roadtrip from Cali to Zion, then Monument Valley and ended in Sedona. Goes without saying (although now I’M SAYING) that these are the perfect road trip jeans. It was a pretty epic adventure and I’m so excited I got to style these pieces with such amazing beautiful backdrops. Even more excited to share them with you! So many more pics of this vacation to come! 

Wearing PacSun shot by Dillon Ivory  ***Sponsored by Pacsun*** 

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