Hola chicas!! I just got back from working out kicking and punching some heavy kickboxing bags
Happy Monday guys! Unlike this photo, I have yet to roll out of bed and grab
Holy Guacamole it looks like I put everything on the wrong way today! This look was
I have been dying to share my wedding photos with you guys and I'm so excited
Ever since the birth of Cher H. I have been an avid lover of cute cropped
Hola Muchachas! I somewhat recently started doing a series called "Styling Tip" where I talk about
Typing as I sit in my light pink fuzzy grandma robe drinking coffee. Thought I should
John and I had an epic time on our roadtrip to Big Sur. We stopped several
Ive been looking through my instagram feed (@frankvinyl) and realized that I have been wearing a
I recently found the most amazing brand. It's a little expensive.. go figure. I always love
Happy Humpday my ittle Frankophiles! I just love saying that no matter how cheesy it sounds.
Squeezed in a quick documentation of my outfit sesh before heading to the casa to pack.