Yes, I feel you! Black in the Summer is challenging when it's almost 90 degrees out.
Fall is just around the corner  (how the heck did that happen so fast?!). While it's
Blue jeans and a white tee is always a success, but the key to this look is all
Telluride, Colorado is such a magical place. I googled it before going and was so excited
Stripes? Yes please. Two piece? Duh, can't resist. Off the shoulder? Stop talking and give it
Embroidered jeans, embroidered jackets, embroidered bikinis. I'm seeing embroidered everywhere! I'm not complaining though. I think
Hola chicas!! I just got back from working out kicking and punching some heavy kickboxing bags
Happy Monday guys! Unlike this photo, I have yet to roll out of bed and grab
Holy Guacamole it looks like I put everything on the wrong way today! This look was
I have been dying to share my wedding photos with you guys and I'm so excited
Ever since the birth of Cher H. I have been an avid lover of cute cropped
Hola Muchachas! I somewhat recently started doing a series called "Styling Tip" where I talk about