When it comes to Memorial Weekend you know you got to jump on the sales ASAP.
Despite all the fear, anxiety and uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, I'm trying to keep busy
I shared Comfy Work From Home outfits already, but in honor of Earth Day, here are
For those of you who have the means to spend on shopping right now, I thought
For those of you who are looking to stay comfy, but still put together as you
It's easy to assume that to dress expensive, you have to buy expensive things. Truth is,
Valentine's Day is fun, but it can easily get cheesy. Getting dressed for this day can
February is finally here and in case you haven't been to Target or to the mall
If you're anything like me, your shoe choice can really only go one of two ways
We're almost a month into winter and I'm definitely starting to feel the cold! Even in
It's always been hard for me to keep my hair long and healthy! It wasn't until
FIRST POST OF 2020!! I took my vacation VERY serious this break and it's taken me