Styling Tip: Be Unconventional

June 14, 2016

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Holy Guacamole it looks like I put everything on the wrong way today! This look was  a result of spending too much time on pinterest and deciding I wanted to try something out.

Todays styling tip is all about wearing your clothes in unconventional ways. Sometimes wearing things “the wrong way” can be more interesting than doing it the obvious (a.k.a ” SUH boring” way). In some cases it might even be straight genius. I’m a huge believer in testing the waters and seeing how much you can actually get away with. In my opinion, I feel it’s the best way to get to know and find your personal style. If you don’t test the waters how will you know what you can and can not actually pull off?

Here I styled my button down HM shirt backwards with layered necklaces down my back from Forever 21. Thank you pinterest once again. So much inspo in one damn place! I also wore my lace up YSL shoes wrapped over scrunched up jeans. This was a result of me looking for a solution to still show off the straps without having to cuff up the jeans. Is it just me or do these thin lace up straps really never stay up?? Oh and also, you know what really grinds my gears? Those thin strappy little bastards always cutting into my skin when I tie the lace ups tight enough to not fall down.  So I tried wrapping them over my jeans et Voila! It kept them in place and gave my skin a little cushion from those evil stringy things (‘beautiful’ evil stringy things that is). The second I walked out the door two girls said “I really like your shoes!” So I thought, Ok, well, at least I know this doesn’t make the shoes look ridiculous. Which means, success! Maybe it even made them stand out more? I’ll let you be the judge of that one.

Next time, before you walk out the door take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if there is a different/unique way to wear what you normally wear. Can you put something on backwards? Upside down? Wear something slightly different than you are used to. Go crazy! Wear your mom jeans backwards! Ha just kidding… maybe don’t do that.  Do, however go into your closet and experiment. Fashion is all about self expression and style is personal. So go have fun and find fun new ways to wear your clothes. It could even bring a second wind to otherwise tired out old clothes.

Just to get your creative juices flowing: here are some other pieces you can wear backwards: button down cardigans (I especially love how this looks,  yet I don’t see enough people doing it!), dresses with low plunges, tie up shirts (those bodysuits that are super trendy right now for instance), and necklaces.

So what do you guys think of this look and this styling tip? Whats something you have worn in a different than normal way. I always love to hear your comments!

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HM top, Cosabella x Urban Outfitters bra, YSL shoes, 7Fam jeans, Forever 21 necklaces, Chanel bag via Designer Vault | Photos by Brogen Jessup

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