Tulle Skirt in Paris / (Sharing a little secret … I’m Engaged!!!)

April 18, 2015


I have been dying to share some big news with you. I’m sure some of you have already seen it on my instagram but  for those of you who didn’t, IM ENGAGED! I just got back from Paris a few days ago. I am barely getting back to reality and I think my feet still haven’t touched the ground. I debated in my head whether or not I want to share this news on here but really… you guys have been through so much with me already I couldn’t imagine not sharing this.

I used to live in Paris back when I was 17 (ughhh so many nostalgic memories!) I was determined to show John the Paris that I had fallen in love with and decided we’d walk through the city first to show him around. Obviously in hopes that he too would feel the same way about the city that has had my heart. Well… Paris now has an even crazier significance to me (I didn’t know that was possible) because John proposed that day on our stroll through the city!!! Crazy Crazy Crazy. I mean, I was always the one out of my friends who said, “Oh I don’t give a crap about marriage.” Even after years of being with John.  I just didn’t see the point in it. I mean, if you love someone you love them and I don’t think you need a certificate to justify it. But you know what…  I guess when you find the one none of that matters. All of a sudden you become this cheezy mofo you didn’t know you were  before. Marriage to us isn’t about tying eachother down and claiming our property ahaha (which is what I always thought… I had commitment issues what can I say). It’s more about celebrating your love.

Anyway sorry I have been super MIA but this happened the second day in Paris and I decided to take some time away from the blog to fully enjoy my time abroad with John.

I normallly don’t talk about much personal stuff but I think this occasion is special. Here’s another little secret : John was my  highschool crush. No joke. Nothing happened between us for years though. We graduated, I swore I would never see him again and then as the years went by we would see each other through mutual friends. I began to seriously just like being around him even as just a friend and soon me and him were doing all kinds of fun stuff together. It wasn’t until that one time after two years of being friends throughout college that we got a bit tipsy together and finally crossed the line between friends to … definitely not friends. It’s funny that the alcohol had to be the one to get us together… but that’s what happened. One make-out session later and the rest was history.

I moved in with him a few years later and now we have been together for five years. John is my best friend. I can’t be away from him for too long and I don’t want to be ever. I mean he is my favorite person on earth and I have no idea when I got so lucky. John has been super supportive with my blog and even learned photography to help me grow. So, the whole time he has been in the background pushing this blog along, supporting me in every way possible and helping me do what I love. Speaking of him taking photos for my blog.. it all ties in to how he proposed:

I was standing with the Eiffel Tower behind me, prepping my hair thinking he was shooting blog photos. He was down on one knee already taking the shots and when I didnt notice he had already pulled the ring out and popped the question. The funny part was that I didn’t understand what was going on! It caught me super off guard!! I asked if this was really what I thought it was, he laughed. I was so nervous I actually dropped my camera! Haha Yup, def broke one of my lenses that day! It’s just a funny part of the story now though. We sat in front of the Eiffel tower and talked for hours, then headed over to a restaurant to celebrate and toast. The rest of the trip was a dream. We celebrated literally the whole time.

This girly outfit above is what I wore to the engagement party. I mean… I don’t know if there is a better place to wear a big tulle skirt other than Paris and especially for an event like this. I topped it off these romantic lace up heels, a knitted metallic like crop top layered over a cute v-cut bralette and a leather jacket.  Stay tuned for more from Paris and more details.  I hope you loved reading this post as much as I loved sharing!!  MUCH LOVE!! Francesca

Also I managed to snap a few photos of John from this day! That dapper son of a…


and a few instagrams I posted.. One on the day I got proposed to near the Eiffel and the other on our way to the party.


Topshop skirt and crop top, Steve Madden lace up sandals, Parpala rings, Vanessa Mooney Choker and earing, Forever21 faux leather jacket, Zara clutch | Photos by John Smith

14 thoughts on “Tulle Skirt in Paris / (Sharing a little secret … I’m Engaged!!!)

  1. Mackenzie

    So sweet! I honestly normally just skim people’s writing on their blogs just to get an idea of what they’re talking about, but I found myself reading yours all the way through! Congratulations, I’m sure you guys will (continue) being very happy together! I love your outfit, by the way. That color and fabric is so beautiful.

    — Kenzie
    Girl From the North Country

  2. Designer Studio

    Forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement! This was the cutest, most heart-warming story ever. Wishing you all the best. And, of course, in love with your outfit.

    This look was featured on our blog.

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