waxed denim // the wet look

January 27, 2015


It was a cold day right after it rained had showered San Diego and I was taking in every ray of sunshine I could while simultaneously capturing the waxed denim I had on that matched the evaporating puddles.  We shot some photos on this day that came out in an online magazine this month. You can check out more photos from this day not shown here in this months issue of Pastorale Magazine

I think it’s time I buy some new waxed denim. I love how the right fit can be extra flattering and even slimming. These burgundy ones are fun because they go with everything. Is it just me or is burgundy (or oxblood rather) the perfect substitute for black and white? Now if only I can figure out how to make the “waxed” look last longer! They always seem to become normal jeans with no waxed finish only after a couple washes… what the hell am I doing wrong?  Am I suppose to seriously not wash my jeans to keep this look up or what? Any tips? How do you guys feel about waxed denim?

7 For All Mankind jeans, Michael Kors fur vest, Freepeople burgundy hat | Photos by Colin Sokol

3 thoughts on “waxed denim // the wet look

  1. charity

    I’ve never worn waxed jeans but maybe try sticking them in the freezer instead of washing them. I’ve heard that along the way somewhere…

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