What A Week in My Life looks like #FVdiaries

July 27, 2017

Happy Thursday guys!

I  am excited to share a new series on my You Tube channel called “A Week in My Life”. I want to make this more of a semi-regular thing. My blog is so highly edited that I felt  this would give a more raw unedited look into my world. 90% of it is shot on my Iphone as I’m going about my day to day life so it’s not carefully planned or anything. Every week is different but this week was a lot of content creating and coffee shop dates. Oh, and a couple of my blogging friends make some cameos too! Hope you love seeing this behind the scenes look.

Watch the video below!



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  • I want buns of steal but I also want buns
  • You know what rhymes with Friday?? Wine whats everyone doing
  • Lazy Sunday rule Cant reach it Dont need it fvhome
  • The perfect uniform shop this look instantly by screenshotting or
  • Me pretending I got somewhere to be and all shop
  • Im such a fan of blanknycjeans because they always have
  • Shooting with John is always my favorite! I get asked