What about Yves?

February 24, 2013

 photo whataboutyves_23_zps62ef51a9.jpg photo whataboutyves_41_zpsd7d8cf99.jpg photo whataboutyves_37_zps5ca412c8.jpg photo whataboutyves_31_zps1726c5f5.jpg
Photos by John Smith
Fornarino jeans (Old), JC platforms, Chanel purse, WhatAboutYves sweater, Target beanie, Celine Sunglasses

Happy Sunday guys! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I’ve been sick all week so a warm graphic sweater underneath a jacket is exactly what I need at the moment. I just love this sweater so much I wore it pretty much all weekend. I couldn’t figure out if I wanted this in a sweatshirt or shirt, so… I got them both. 🙂 I’ve been riding the grunge look a lot lately and been transitioning mostly between 90’s references and my normal bohemian style. 

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31 thoughts on “What about Yves?

  1. crystal oddity

    Wow 😮
    I’m so happy because I found it by accident on lookbook! :))
    You’re just perfect!
    I’m sure that now, your blog will be one of my fav. :))
    It’s amazing! And your style is so brilliant!
    In here, i love this blouse!:))

    Maybe you would want to visit my blog while having some free time?:))
    Of course, I’m following you with pleasure ♥

    Have a nice day;)

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