What I have been up to : Life Update

August 21, 2017

Happy Monday Everyone! I’m currently writing to you from my quiet new house in the suburbs of San Diego. Sitting at my new desk in my currently empty office space right next to the second floor window. Second floor!! AHH! I feel like such an ADULT right about now!!! I just can not contain my excitement. I feel like I’m on a high right now from all the amazing things that have been happening this month and last.  I’m so grateful that John and I were able to buy our first home and it’s been a dream. A stressful dream, but none the less a dream (I mean, c’mon… moving is stressful, can’t deny that).

It’s the first time ever I get to decorate a full house exactly how I envision it and our first space that is 100% ours. We pretty much threw a lot of our old stuff out from the other cluttered old home and started from scratch.A clean slate. I want to make my home a very peaceful place to work and let the creative juices flow. I’m just so excited that we are finally settling in and the dust is starting to clear! As soon as the house is done and decorated I will do a fun home tour with you guys via my youtube and blog.

I just wanted to let you guys know I am alive haha. I know I have been a bit absent on my blog for the past few weeks, but that does not mean I have not been working here and there. I have loads of new content ready to go starting the first week of September. I had to take a couple weeks off to fully focus on the move and get my life situated. I have lots of outfit posts coming and Youtube videos lined up (really want to start posting on my Youtube Channel weekly!)

I’m very excited for whats to come in September and what lies ahead for both my personal life and Frank Vinyl. Thank you guys for being along on this crazy fun ride that is my life and Frank Vinyl. I hope you will be there to experience the rest of the journey with me!

I will be back soon I promise! MUAH*

xx F

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