What’s really in style in 2017

March 16, 2017


HI Loves! Just wanted to share this quick little outfit of the day and share a couple new additions to my closet. The weather is warming up here in San Diego, so I’ve been stocking up on fun mini skirts. It’s a nice change from all the jeans I have been wearing for the past cold months!  I’m all for any piece that makes basics look amazing. This knotted skirt which I found at Storets really makes the whole look! This little white tee I found at Zara (aka, my favorite place to find affordable and cute tees) and it  was snatched up quickly! I know it will make the perfect addition to my white tee collection. These boots are also new, they were on sale for $40 at topshop. Such a steal!

Anywho,  let’s get to the good stuff…

Another fashion month just passed us by!  I didn’t attend any shows this year (I can’t deal with the cold…#guilty), so I have been reading up on what the designers came up with this season. I came across an article in WHOWHATWEAR talking about what is “in style”. Normally I hate reading these articles because I can’t stand magazines telling us what is in and what is out. I’ve always had a strong inclination to do the opposite of whatever people have told me to do and who are they to tell us what to wear. However, I was a bit curious to read what they considered  “in” at the moment. I found myself smiling as I scrolled down the article. The conversation surprised me as they talked about how individuality is hotter than ever. Not so much following trends, but wearing what really makes you feel like yourself. Mixing and matching different pieces however you feel fit. THANK THE FASHION GODS! Finally something “real” and inclusive from the fashion world. I love this idea of not sticking to one era/genre and just combining it in a way that feels like you. I’ve always been a firm believer and think that you aren’t a true fashionista until you master this skill.

Following trends is so passé. Ok, trends are fun (who am I kidding), but if you are just wearing the newest trends religiously, you are probably getting pretty boring. We get it… every one is obsessed with the cold shoulder look now, but the question is how will you make it yours?  I’m happy that individuality is being celebrated now! So, as Jimmy Hendrix once said, let your freak flags fly! Be confident and wear whatever you feel makes you happy. Fashion icons didn’t just become icons because they wore what all the other girls were wearing!

So there you have it. What’s in style for 2017? Individuality.

On a completely separate note: John and I are heading to Anza Borrego/ Palm Springs this weekend for our one year anniversary. I can not believe it’s been one year already!! So cray!  We will most be chilling most of the time but we do plan on shooting a couple festival inspiration outfits while out there! Stay tuned .

Storets Patent Leather skirt, TopShop Studded black boots, Zara white tee, thrifted sunglasses, Azurracapri boutique necklace | Photos by Arielle Levey


7 thoughts on “What’s really in style in 2017

    1. Francesca Felix Post author

      Yea, that’s why I am a firm believer in only wearing trends you really resonate with. They have lasting power. The skirt is actually just black but it’s so shiny I think it caught the city lights and turned green haha.

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