White Fringe and Open Space

January 4, 2015


We spent the day exploring Death Valley and made it to this mound of sand dunes placed right in the middle of a valley surrounded by red mountains. I’m glad we were able to catch some photos because the sun went to sleep and away quickly. I wish I could stop time sometimes, but then time wouldn’t be as beautiful as it is, right? As soon as the sun set, the colors completely changed. Dark Blue mountains in the shadows and bright red where the last bits of light hit. The sky a beautiful pink / faded blue color near the horizon. I love being out in the middle of nowhere. I mean literally in the middle of no… where. No service, no people, no street lights, no establishments … nothing. It was amazing.

This white fringe jacket is the perfect touch for a desert wandering gypsy. Somewhere in a vast, plain open field holding her wings out like an eagle. Making it in with white denim and white leather combined was pretty genius. I’m stoked fringe is in right now. I mean, I love that I can find it everywhere! I pretty much just let my fringe flag fly sometimes. As long as I can contain myself and don’t go overboard. Oh but indulging is just so much more fun sometimes! What trend are you loving right now?

Somedays Lovin Jacket, Style moi dress | Photos by John Smith


5 thoughts on “White Fringe and Open Space

  1. Chrystin

    Awesome pictures! You got there just in time for the perfect light. I love the dessert and feeling like you are in the middle of nowhere, so these photos are right up my alley (I just got back from the desert myself, actually). Really, really amazing. I can’t stop looking at them!

    I too am loving the fringe trend. I’m also really into black & white monochrome outfits, especially anything black & white striped. Purple lips. Midi-skirts. Oh, and holographic and/or glittery nails! Ankle-cinched sweats, too. The list could go on haha
    I believe there is a special time for every trend that you love! xx


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