5 ways to stay inspired #FVBloggingTips

5 ways to stay inspired #FVBloggingTips

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Hola my little blogheads! Hows Sunday treating you so far? I’ve been laying in bed for a few hours staring at my ceiling (true story) and all of a sudden inspiration hit. I get a lot of questions from you guys asking how I create content and what I do to stay inspired. Truth is we all hit road blocks. Sometimes I just cant even seem to string a sentence together or even a thought for that matter. Other times I have so many ideas that I don’t even know where to start and therefore it all goes flying out of my head and into the abyss where I never find it again. While I still hit ‘bloggers block’ every now and then there are definitely ways to help keep the creative juices flowing and keep it aimed in the right direction. Here’s a list of 5 ways to stay inspired.

  1. STAY ORGANIZED My most important advice to staying inspired is to be OCD organized. I’ve noticed that when I have everything in order (I’m talking my car, closet, house, desk, schedule, social life, etc) my mind feels much clearer. If there is clutter outside of me, then there is always clutter inside. It’s a simple concept that you wouldn’t think has so much effect on your creativity or efficiency but it really goes hand in hand.

  2. Take a break. Sometimes all you need is a break. Some days I feel like I get so uninspired and I can’t even put an outfit together. I just stare at my room sized closet in defeat and walk away. Normally this happens when I have been on overdrive. Like after NYFW for instance. All I need is a few days of rest, maybe taking a relaxing vacation or just having a little fashion hiatus where I don’t even glance at instagram or my computer. This always helps me feel refreshed and re-energized in the end.

  3. Travel – Traveling can be such a great way to get inspired. You see new things, talk to new people and hopefully get some good ol’ “you time”. I personally love to go out into nature because I feel that nature always fuels me. The colors, the smells, the feeling. Getting out there and being alone with my thoughts brings me back to who I am and what I love without all the clutter of all the magazines/blogs I read and see on a daily basis. Breaking my every day routine is sometimes just what I needed.

  4. Write it down– I write EVERYTHING down. It has taken me a long time to remember to write things down when they come to mind, but now that I have made a habit out of it I feel so productive. If I am walking by a store and see an outfit displayed that I like and it sparks an idea of how to style something from my own closet (how I would adjust the styling to fit my vibe) I will write it down. Pinterest is a huge source of inspiration.I personally have a lot of hidden pin boards that are strictly for my inspiration. I have boards of outfit styling that I think is really creative, hair do’s I want to try, inspiring blog post ideas, color schemes I love.. etc. Also writing things down constantly trains your mind to keep thinking of ideas and notice them when they arise. Writing things down helps keep your thoughts on paper and out of your brain so you have more room to think creatively. Tip: If you don’t already use CLEAR app on your smart phone you are missing out. I use this to keep track of all my lists when my notepad is not in my bag.

  5. Turn on your favorite music. Sometimes when I want to feel super inspired and I’m putting together a travel post or editing I like listen to my favorite music. It helps remind me what I love, what inspires me and puts e in a certain kind of mindset. Probably one of my playlists (here). Music always makes me feel a certain way and I feel it always shows somehow in my posts and outfits when it is inspired by music.

What are some ways that help you stay inspired?
Wearing Adidas tshirt rose gold logo tee from Urban Outfitters, Zara skirt ( similar here), Maiyet white bag, Zero UV sunglasses | Photos by Henry Young