Things to do and see in Joshua Tree #FVontheRoad

Things to do and see in Joshua Tree #FVontheRoad

One of the reasons I love Joshua Tree so much is that it never disappoints. I’ve gone over and over again and still discover new places to see. We love to hike and go on trails because going on the trails is the best way to really experience it all. If you are a photography junkie like me, this is a fun place to go out and photograph. Pretty much the land where hippies, weirdos, hipsters, nature lovers, tourists and artist all come together.  It’s really magical and I can never get enough of it.

Here are some things to do and see in Joshua Tree

Integraton Sound Baths : The sound baths are a great unique thing to experience while out in the desert. It’s an amazing dome like building built for deep relaxation where the sound vibrations help chill/zone you out. It’s a pretty cool spot if you are into quirky backstories and weird buildings. Definitely make a reservation ahead of time to experience the baths.


EAT: there’s a lot of spots to eat but these are my go-to’s. 

Pappy and Harriets: This cute saloon-like restaurant is always a stop for us. They have great blue grass live music and big famous bands often stop here for a show. The food is amazing (try the bbq ribs and the marshmallow dessert. Sooooo damn delish!). My fave time to go is in the spring so you can sit in their outdoor patio and get a cold drink.

Natural Sisters: If you’re looking for some healthy breakfast or treats, juices, smoothies or vegan options check out Natural Sisters. Heads Up: It can get pretty packed. Its a small spot and service can take long but the food is worth it. So if you do go, I suggest going early in the morning to beat the crowds. I Love grabbing a smoothie there in the mornings.

Joshua Tree Coffee Company : Need a good cup of Jo? Head over here. Theres a lot of places to grab coffee really in JTree but they have some good organic coffee.


Hoof & the Horn: My favorite clothing boutique in Joshua Tree. They have all the good stuff. Oversized hats by Brixton, scented candles, hipster sunglasses and vintage boots. If you are going there check out the cute coffee shop next to it for a good Chai latte and possibly some live music.



Pioneertown: Basically like walking straight into the Wild West. It’s right next to “Pappys” as I like to call it (or Pappy and Harriets)  so I would suggest doing both in one afternoon. Check out the town , walk around and pretend like you are back in the olden days, then end it with a drink and dinner at Pappy and Harriets.

Cholla garden: There are many sights to see in the park, but of all the sights this one is my favorite. Go right before sunset and watch the sun set behind the mountains and the chollas will get a beautiful golden glow. Also, be super careful because those chollas are dangerous and easily get caught on your clothing! They literally jump up at you and stick to your shoes/pants. So wear the right shoes and try not to wear anything that would help the chollas stick to you.

Geology Road: I love taking this off road drive into the valley. It’s a great place to see the geology that makes Joshua Tree so amazing. You definitely need a 4 wheel drive car ! Would not recommend going if you don’t have one. Jumping out and climbing the giant boulders is also fun. Great place to shoot some photos along the way in nature, on the boulders and you may even see some animals walking around like a mule, jack rabbits, grey foxes (mostly early mornings or evenings) . We got to see a really beautiful big horned sheep just casually roaming around.


STAY: Theres so many options! You can stay at a motel, go glamping, camping, or stay at an airbnb. Here are a few of my fave spots…

Airbnbs I really want to stay at : Check out this spot, this and this

Airbnbs I’ve stayed at and loved: this one is so adorable cute comfy and clean. We also stayed here one weekend with a group of friends and had a good time.

Insta Worthy Stay: This spot is so darn cute to stay for a girls trip getaway. I haven’t stayed there myself but it is definitely on my list.

Campsite I love: Indian Cove Camp in Joshua Tree National park is surrounded by boulders so it feels super safe and had bathrooms nearby that were clean.