Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Blog Photographer

Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Blog Photographer

Content, Content, Content! The most important thing in a blog. We all know that fashion blogs wouldn’t be as big as they are if it weren’t for the amazing photography involved. The only way to be unique and stand out with your blog  is through your photography. Who you choose, who you work with, how you present yourself and what you want to focus on in your photos is so important. If you have a blog (especially a fashion blog) and are searching for a photographer because the best friend, sister, boyfriend or next door neighbor just aren’t cutting it, then you should probably keep on reading.

Here are some things you should know before hiring a blog photographer:

1. Make sure the photographer’s style fits with yours. Most photographers already have a style they are comfortable with. Most likely this is their strongest way to photograph someone. While there are many who are versatile and can do anything you ask, some are one trick ponies. This is ok if that one trick works for you. I have so many photographers I have inspiration crushes on and they are all amazing in their own ways, but that doesn’t mean I would hire them all to shoot my photos.
I once hired this photographer to work on a collaboration with and it ended up teaching me a small lesson in the blog photography world. She has such an amazing eye, but the problem was her edits did not at all fit my style at all and she was not a fan of other people editing her photos. Understandable,  but not what I was looking for.  While the photos were good, her editing style just did not go with my vibe and my audience also did not resonate with the pics. I’ve decided to stick to photographers that let me edit the photos so that I can get the same style edits on all my pics. Keep in mind I went to school for graphic design and I already have that skill set.  If you’re learning to edit from scratch, it might be quicker to let the photographer do it. For me, having the same style of photos throughout my blog has been important. For you, it might not be! Either way, knowing what you want from the beginning will help you in the future. If you don’t know what style you like yet, take a look at bloggers that you look up to. What is is about their style that you love so much? What is the lighting like, what kind of filters do they use, are they just standing in the middle of the street or is it more conceptual? Use that information as inspiration and then create something all your own.
2. Make sure you two vibe. This one is the most important for me when working with someone. You will be spending hours with this person and need to be able to feel vulnerable. If you are uncomfortable, self conscious, don’t like him/her then the photos will not come out as effortless or natural. Also, if you at all feel like he/she does not like you, most likely the photos wont come out as good either. You have to feel and look confident in the pictures.
I had this photographer who I absolutely loved. the photos were amazing! Super beautiful story like photos with so much life, but whenever we shot together our photos would come out uninspired and uber boring (I hate boring pics!) I figured maybe that photographer was simply not into my vibe. Plus, I always felt like I had something in my teeth or my hair was misplaced when we shot together. I don’t think they liked me very much actually come to think of it haha. That’s fine by me, but I don’t want to be feeling self conscious while shooting! Finding someone who believes in you and is inspired by you is just as important as finding someone who is a great photographer. Sometimes even more important because if they are inspired, that’s when the magic happens. Your photos will come out so much better if you have these two ingredients.
3.Get a photographer who takes great direction and gives good direction. Your photographs will most likely be a collaborative effort. You should be able to explain what you are going for to your photographer and in return he/she will translate into a great photograph. You should also be able to take direction. You need someone who will tell you (kindly of course) if your pose looks really uncomfortable/awkward. If you have someone who does not want to listen to what you want and only sees their vision then you will most likely not be happy with the results (wasting your time and money). Ask around about whoever you are trying to work with to see how other clients like them before hiring them.

4. Know your photographers equipment. If you know nothing about photography at all. I suggest you start to know at least the basics. What lens does what, how to get the blurry background (bokeh) effect, what lighting you like…etc.  I hope to put a more in depth post about this soon, but in the mean time check this post out : What Camera and Lens to get. Knowing this information will also help both of you out when you are trying to explain what type of shot you want.

Good luck hunting and as always, I hope this post helped some of you out!
xx F
Pic by Arielle Levy Wearing Storets, Volcom and Topshop