Styling Tip: 5 ways to Appear Taller #fvstylingtips

Styling Tip: 5 ways to Appear Taller #fvstylingtips

Something I hear all the time when I meet someone in person for the first time is, “Oh, you look so much taller in your pics!” I normally just say, “nah haha I’m only 5’4”  but in my head I’m like, “Yes! My evil plan has worked. Muahaha”. I love wearing clothes that make me appear taller. Anything that makes my 5’4″ latina body look like I’m actually 5″7. Not too much taller, but hey, that’s 3 inches! I also think I have a super short torso so I like to show off my legs as much as I can to make me look taller than I am. If I’m not wearing tiny shorts or skirt than I opt for anything else that can bring length to me like these wide, high waisted striped pants. Thank god for these fashion styling hacks!

5 ways to Appear Taller Than you really are:

1. V- Necks are your best friend!

A good v-neck is sultry, sexy and it elongates your neck which gives the illusion that you are taller. It creates a line and draws attention up towards your face as well. What’s not to like? I absolutely love wearing V- neck maxi dresses that have a thin belt at the waist. That combo is always my go-to for appearing longer than I truly am.
2. Always a fan of flared jeans.
One of the reasons I always wear flared jeans is because they definitely create the illusion that you have legs for days. I tend to find that if you get a high waisted fit or anything that hits just above your waistline you are golden.  The trick is also to make sure they are pretty slim and only flare out  under the knee.
3. Get Monochromatic.
Another great way to appear taller is to wear the same color from head to toe. The beauty in this type of styling comes from making sure the details are all perfect. Play with proportions, make sure everything is crisp and if you want to make extra sure you look taller, wear all black (my favorite). FYI: Darker colors work best and patterns are a little harder.  Check out this post “Styling Tip: Wear Monochromatic Outfits” for more.
4. Rock out with striped patterns
It’s no secret that stripes definitely help create length when worn vertically (like the photos above). I am such a lover of stripes right now and lucky for all you short ladies out there, stripes are trending hard.

5. Proportions are everything. 
It’s crucial to pay close attention to proportions. Every little detail counts. Every piece has to fit perfectly to your body. Wear those skinny jeans with a high waist hemline to elongate your legs, tuck in your shirt to your jeans to create a waist, make sure your jeans have the perfect hemline (not shortening your legs), but instead create more length.

Hope these tips helped!
xx F