Cabo: What I did + What I Wore

Cabo: What I did + What I Wore

Cabo: What I did + What I Wore

Ok guys, remember how I said I really wanted to travel more in Mexico (as I said in my prior TULUM post)? Well, I wasn’t kidding when I said this was the year of making it happen! I just really would love to both explore and share my culture a bit more with you guys. There is so much beauty in Mexico and I feel not enough photos documenting it. From the touristy spots to the more local/authentic places. I want to see it all! For now, Cabo will satisfy my craving.

While Cabo is more touristy (The ‘America of Mexico’ as I like to call it), It’s still a great place to go for a little vacay. Cabo has always been a second home to me. My father owns a house there, so for years I have been going and visiting him. Those trips normally consist of laying by his pool or surfing at the beach in front of his house, then hitting up his local restaurants. This time around it was amazing to go back with my friend Audrie and do Cabo our way! (Check out Audrie on instagram here, she’s a total babe and so talented!). Audrie and I had both talked about feeling a bit uninspired lately and how we could both really use a good girls trip to just disconnect a bit and maybe find some fresh inspiration, so we packed our bags up and planned a last minute trip to Cabo. It was exactly what we needed!

Our Airbnb (Los Cabos Golf Resort) was nestled in a quiet relaxing golf resort in Cabo San Lucas. It felt safe and came complete with a restaurant, a pool, and a really cool waterfall. It felt secure, had great service and was beautiful. There were a few hiccups on the first day for sure. When we first arrived at our Airbnb we were a bit bummed (ugh) because we made the colossal mistake of not renting a car. What the hell! Not a good idea because taxis in Cabo are apparently very expensive. Also, Uber does not exist out there (in Cabo specifically). It was also raining for a whole day straight and we were stuck indoors with no car and nowhere to go because of the weather. It was such a bummer (not to mention I had only packed hot weather, dresses, and swimsuits… the rain was just not gonna work for me lol).

Anywho, to make a long story short, we found an amazing car rental company the next day (referred by a friend that charges $30 a day and drops the car wherever you need). YESSSSS! I never knew car renting could be so easy. Seriously guys, if you need a car rental if you’re ever in Cabo shoot me an email (or comment), and I can send you his info.

Once the sun cleared up the next day, we were able to finally lay by the pool and catch some rays before we decided to take off and explore more of Cabo. The below photo is the epic sunset we got to watch from the hotel pool the night before as the sun cleared up. It was warm, colorful and the perfect end to the rain.
The day after the rain is when we were finally able to explore and experience more. So, let’s get to the better stuff, let me tell you what I did and wore while visiting Cabo.


Audrie and I decided to go check out a place we were highly recommended called ACRE Baja. As we entered, it reminded me a bit of the hotels in Tulum in that it was secluded, surrounded by palms/greenery and even had some rad treehouses for the guests to stay at. The mix of salsa and cumbia music filtered through the palm trees as we wandered around exploring and documenting the beautiful place. We sat by the pool, enjoyed some fresh ceviche and went to hang out with the cute little donkey and goats that were chilling nearby. The tiled floors, cement walls, and cacti everywhere made me feel right at home and absolutely in love with the decor.

HAPPY HAPPY Frank I was indeed.

What I wore: She the Seeker two piece (shown below) and Kore Swimsuit


We spent some time exploring San Jose del Cabo. There’s an area that is more historical/colonial and it’s great to see. There are so many cute trinket shops, colorful buildings, and yummy restaurants to try out. We just wandered for a bit. We shot some photos (duh) and I bought a cute bag which you can see in the last photos of this post (worn with the red dress). AY yay yay It was so hard not to impulse shop here! So many cute basket bags, tassels, and colors everywhere! Shooting photos of my outfit while random onlookers on the top floor of a restaurant were looking down watching was an interesting moment. There was a point that we were shooting in the middle of the street, I look up and see 4 different couples looking down at me as they ate. It’s always interesting shooting in public.

What I wore: Pacsun set (click here) and here Topshop white sunglasses, Forever 21 Sandals


One day, we decided to head to Flora Farms. We had a healthy, light breakfast at Flora Farms. It was a bit too light for me, I mean… I was ready for BRUNCH (you know what I mean), but it was nonetheless delish! This place is a farm-to-table concept where everything is organic and natural. My kind of place! They also have a tiny little produce shop, garden to explore and little coffee shops and more where you can walk around after you eat.

Wearing XIX palms click here, Isola slides, San Diego Hat Company clutch


We caught the sunset at Cabo San Lucas Beach late one day after exploring around town. The sky had turned an amazing array of colors and it was still pretty balmy out. While it was an amazing view I just don’t like people trying to sell me stuff everywhere I walk so I prefer less touristy beaches, but it’s still gorgeous to see and maybe have a drink there!

After, we headed to the local Organic Food Market and stocked up on goodies to cook from our Airbnb. So happy we were able to get Kombucha, Almond milk, and Kind Bar snacks also!

Coffee LAB

Coffee Lab turned into our regular coffee fuel up spot. The coffee at our AIRBNB was not the best and I was craving a good roaster with possibly some chia pudding and avocado toast. One of my fave things to do when I travel is finding the good, quirky local spots. I find there is always at least one good hipster coffee shop no matter where I am and I always make it my mission to find it! This coffee shop was definitely one of them. We fueled up, used the ‘semi-functioning’ internet for a bit then headed back to explore some more.

Palmilla Beach

I really wanted to show Audrie Palmilla hotel. It is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Unfortunately, the whole hotel was closed off for an exclusive event so we couldn’t walk through it. We did manage to walk to the beach though and it was just amazing. The sunset was the best part. We watched the sunset until it was too dark to see. It was a lot less crowded here than in Cabo San Lucas. If you happen to be in Cabo and are around San Jose try and go to Palmilla at least for a drink and to walk around! If not, the sunset on this beach is just as nice.

I feel that this trip was so special. We got to explore Cabo a bit, but also enjoyed each others company. I really was in need of some girl time! Ever since I moved farther away from my friends, I spend so much time on my computer and away from the real world. I feel that is why I am always longing to travel so much! Just escaping for a good five days with a good friend is sometimes all I need to feel refueled and get the creative juices flowing again!


It really depends what time of the year you go. In the Summer it gets so hot you can’t NOT be by a body of water and in the winter it’s still hot but you will probably need a good light jacket at night. I packed (as usual) a lot of two-piece sets, some maxis, some ripped jeans for colder nights, a denim jacket, a lightweight white sweater, two crossbody bags, two pairs of sandals and one pair of sneakers for walks and the airport.

Thanks for reading !

– Francesca