My Summer Travel Essentials

My Summer Travel Essentials

Hey Frank Vinyl Family!
Summer is in full effect and we’re definitely all feeling the heat! If you are thinking of planning a vacay or have something coming in the near future,  this post is for you. I’ve combined a list of my personal favorite items that I always bring along when I’m heading somewhere beachy. These are the perfect Summer travel essentials! Hopefully this helps make your packing a bit easier.

Face masks:

Wherever I go I always pack a face mask with me. I have combination skin so different types of weather definitely affects me. Whether it’s the sun exposure, or my skin needing a pick me up after the flight, I like to still remember to pamper myself. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean your skin has to be! My absolute favorite is the Fresh clarifying clay mask to unclog those pores after a dry dirty flight to my vacation destination.

Statement Shades

Sunglasses are very important when packing for a Summer vacation. You need to protect your eyes from the UV rays that are going to be hitting you when you’re out laying in the sand! I try to bring 2 pairs so I can switch them out within the days. I almost always take one bright colorfun fun pair and one classic neutral shaded one. Who needs makeup on the beach when you’ve got some killer shades?

Go To Shoes:

When packing, I try to limit what I bring as best as I can. I bring shoes that I can swap out with most of my outfits and never forget comfort!  I always take a good pair for the beach  that also can be worn with a nice dress for a romantic dinner with John. Remember to always pack stylish, yet comfortable shoes so you don’t have to worry about your feet hurting mid-day. Here are some that caught my eye below:

Statement bags that can also be worn to the beach 

It can be a romantic date night or a day spent walking around town, you need to have a bag ready for all occasions.  One stylish one to elevate a look and one that is adorable  but can also withstand some stand and sun. This is why I bring 2 and only 2 (ok..sometimes 3 but who’s counting). I make sure to pack ones that I know will fit everything I need and I can be  interchanged as needed. Neutral colors always win. Black, nude, white.. You can never go wrong with these. I love a good mini basket bag for both beach and day and a funner statement bag as well.


Adorable Swimsuits:

I mean… it’s not a Summer vacation without a swimsuit, right?! Finding a good quality swimsuit, that’s cute, and ALSO affordable is a battle that you don’t have to fight cause I did it for you! These are a few of my top swimsuits that I can’t get enough off.

My Trusty Camera:

One of my favorite things to bring is of course, a camera. I like to bring my trusty Canon EOS 5D Mark III. Although it’s a bigger camera and heavier, I bring it with me on days that I know I’m going to shoot more professional blog type shots. Otherwise my iPhone camera works just fine.


Portable chargers:

The most important thing of all! I have gone through an endless amount of portable chargers. I somehow always end up losing them, but I will never leave for a trip without one. The worst thing that can happen is your phone dying and you’re stranded in a foreign city. Also, what are you going to do if you can’t gram your  margherita asap? Gotta keep the creative juices flowing!


Reusable water bottle:

Staying hydrated is definitely an essential! I will carry my water bottle with me wherever I go and will be drinking water constantly. If I don’t have one with me I will be so wrapped in my activities that I forget to drink water. Also, staying eco friendly is nice so just pack your own and keep on refilling!


Curling iron (no blow dryers):

I always bring a curling iron with me and try to steer clear of packing a blow dryer. Hotels typically have blow dryers anyway. I love a good curling iron because you never know what the weather will do to your hair. Always good to have an option right?


Dry shampoo (never leave town without this!):

Dry shampoo will save your life! Travelingl is damaging enough to your hair, so less styling and less washing is a necessary! To keep my hair looking good while away, I always make sure to pack a good dry shampoo. Also, it’s a great pick me up after a hot sweaty day. It gives you volume and makes your hair look clean!


Accessories (including hat, scarves, dainty jewelry):

I try to pack as many accessories as I can, dainty gold jewelry, scarves, and at least 1 hat. It’s the easiest way to spice up any look! You can basically pack basic staples like a white shirt and jean shorts if you have the right accessories to elevate your style. Plus, they take up a lot less room thatn overpacking clothes!


What’s one thing you never leave the house without when traveling? Is there anything you recommend I take with me? Leave me your thoughts.